Hi everyone and Happy Solar Eclipse in Virgo!

We are now in a powerful portal moment for the next two weeks. This Solar Eclipse is an encouragement to use your willpower to create accelerated transformation in your life. It’s a good time to practice manifesting, which, beyond being widely understood as a new-agey kind of word, actually simply means the alignment of intention, imagination, and action to create a desired result.

With the eclipse being Solar — this is about taking personal action. Since it is in Virgo, the symbolism speaks to taking consistent practical action that is in alignment with your vision of what you desire for yourself. A good rule of thumb is to do something every day that directly puts coins in the jar of your objective, so to speak. Another important tenet is to be precise with the words you use to define your objective, because this bestows clarity both to yourself and all the forces working alongside you.

It would help tremendously to make your intentions known to a someone or a close group of people who will support you, and to make sure that the actions you take are something that they can see you do every day. If you commit to doing this for the entire Moon cycle, through the next eclipse to the next new moon on Oct. 12, you will be setting yourself up for boldly actualizing your intentions.

Remember leave a lot of room for grace, because as Jupiter and Neptune are opposite each other exactly this week, and as Saturn enters Sagittarius on the 17th, there is a lot of grace to tap.

Something else to remember in the midst of your manifesting is that there are a lot of heavy emotions in the collective now. Saturn will enter Sagittarius on the 17th, lightening things and changing the story considerably — but until then it is definitely putting every last nail in the coffin of Scorpio land. That’s a death joke for Scorpio. Furthermore, this lunation was opposite the centaur planet Chiron in Pisces, showing that the experience of deep grief can be transformed through compassionately tending to ourselves as we move through it.

So, while you are keeping your intentions high-minded, do take time to process heavy emotions. That means

engaging with them consciously, especially if you can do that with a therapist, trusted friend, or another healer or counselor type. It does not mean burying your emotions or wishing them away. Do the emotional heavy lifting and clear the terrain for better experiences to come. Remember to care about your inner space, and the voice you use with yourself.

We are helped in this through Saturn’s ingress on the 17th with a lovely sextile between Mercury and Venus, sweetening our communications, words, and thoughts and giving us the resolve to shine light on our inner experiences and evaluate them objectively.

Wishing you a harmonious and fruitful Eclipse season,

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