Simeon Solomon. Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene.
Simeon Solomon. Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene.

The Moon is at 27 degrees Virgo striding quickly toward its last aspect before it leaves the sign, a sextile to Saturn. Moon will then be void from 1:16 PM Eastern time to 4:23 PM Eastern time, when it enters Libra.

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* The bone that is invisible
* A lithe woman in black dexterously discusses natural health
* The structure built piece by piece
* Magnetically sucking or pulling out impurities
* Restraint in the interest of an an entrenched transformation process
* Flossing teeth
* The body as a symbolic vessel to carry change
* Focused work feels good
* Modestly and intelligently demonstrating real change
* Measuring an invisible exchange
* Shut up, show up, and do the work
* Small health commitments add up to deep well being
* Pace is the trick

A big theme for the current Venus Retrograde cycle is her repeated squares to Saturn. Not only are we re-evaluating what we want in the context of relationships, how beauty surrounds and moves through us, and our relationship to our ability to receive, but these are all undergoing deep structural transformations as well. There is gravity and weight around these subjects, as well as a sense of stark restraint and self-discipline. So even though this Venus Retrograde is nicer than its most recent corollary passage back in 2007, when Saturn was also in Leo, that Saturn-Venus exchange is still there with this year’s coming round of Venus through Leo.

As Venus moving backward trines Uranus over the next 24 hours or so, we’re brought back to revisit themes from late June, the last time she made this passage during this cycle. At that time, both Venus and Uranus were direct. Now we find both bodies retrograde, and Venus has just made her interior conjunction with the sun this past weekend, and so the theme of really making a radical change is re-visited in grand solemnity in whatever area of your chart Venus is transiting.

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