wire-globe-836554_1280Hi everyone,

A note on the current Moon-Chiron opposition.

The Moon in Virgo is currently applying an exact opposition to Chiron, and both bodies are at 20 degrees.

When Moon is in Virgo our minds are drawn toward separation, discrimination and approaching the world with adroit rationality. All parts of life are neatly segmented, labeled, and therefore known. It feels good to the Moon in Virgo to know each feature and detail of any given landscape — this makes it easier to maximize efficiency of processes.

Chiron in Pisces takes us out of a centripetal, center focused consciousness, to hone in on, amplify, and magnify Pisces themes. As Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces experiences life on the realm of the transcendent, unified and mystical. Where there is Chiron there is always acute pain along with the capability for profound healing.

Here are some themes to meditate on with this configuration, see if they are showing up in your world in these moments:

* Honoring the processes of the body that are beyond our control
* Diligently planning for surrender
* Recognizing that acute pain is part and parcel of an organized system difficult to know consciously
* Opening up to the magic of becoming intimate with the body
* Working to gradually raise the bodily awareness to extra-physical capabilities
* Acquiring awareness of the bodies beyond the physical body
* Caring for the well being of the bodies beyond the physical body
* Using the physical body as a passage to transcendence
* Offering natural skills as a gift or boon to others
* Understanding the magic of diligent effort
* Allowing for healing through personal connections

It is a moment about grounding into über-practical considerations at the same time that we see them as part of an ineffable orchestration beyond ordinary comprehension.

Take good care and talk soon!


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