A Time to Paint and a Time to Sharpen Pencils

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Hi everyone,

This week’s astrology is certainly challenging. If you are feeling it, read on AND take heart, because things ease up next week. Relief arrives, it always does. Know that this too shall pass.

Okay let’s examine some of the aspects in detail. First up is Sun square Saturn.

The Sun is in the sign of his rulership in Leo. He is a bright and beaming young kid, teeth shining, mouth open wide as reems of laughter roll out one after the other, curls bouncing across his perfectly formed head. This kid is the seed representative of life and vitality itself.

Currently at 26 degrees Leo, the Sun is applying to square Saturn in 2 degrees, or within the next couple of days or so.

In Scorpio, Saturn is a super exacting taskmaster. He is heavy, he is dark even in places where the sun shines. He is controlled, he is measured, and he sees right through that gorgeous shade of plum you’re wearing.

These two in combination, in what is the 3rd quarter square for Sun-Saturn, can raise a host of uncomfortable emotions or situations.

* Unrelenting self-criticism
* Darkness and negativity
* Harsh measurements
* Challenged desire nature
* Challenged sense of aesthetic
* A black plague smites your soul
* Battling major resistance
* Wanting to shine bright, yet restrained by responsibilities
* The need to grow tf up
* A light shines on structural decay
* A mysterious transformative passage

Okay, that was really dark, but the feeling is really dark, as if the forces of good and evil are at war within your own inner space.

There is not too much water emphasized in the Sky besides that menacing Saturn in Scorpio, and Mercury’s application to Chiron. I’d suggest taking extra effort to self-soothe something real balmy. Do something really nice that always gets you feeling delicious.

Another prominent highlight in the day’s astrology is Venus retrograde trine to Uranus retrograde.

Venus in this stage of her retrograde cycle is undergoing the deepest of mystery transformations. Venus becomes taken with an invisible and inarticulable inner recalibration regarding love, diplomacy, finances, self worth, all while life goes on as usual. In an aspect to Uranus with both bodies retrograde, there is this exploration of the ideal, and bringing the ideal to form (Venus’ 5ness) via the shifts that happen in the inner space, before any external action is taken.

Moon in Libra does make a closing aspect of a sextile to the Sun, so this is something of a dosing down elixir for a challenging passage.

Next week the Sun enters Virgo (grounding! This earth sign loves when the Sun is in an earth sign 🙂 And when it does that it will be conjunct the fixed star Regulus, which is just settling into Virgo after a couple of millenia in Leo. Yet another token from Regulus to a planet or light, and this time that kernel is delivered to Jupiter, the penultimate delivery before Venus dances this same step in October.

Symbolic Substitution (a la A. Gehrz): Draw a picture of yourself the way you perceive yourself now. Alternatively, write a poem about what you’re experiencing. Cut it up with scissors (Saturn cuts and separates), and paste it back together with the pieces moved around to symbolize a transformation. When that’s done, reflect on a goal you’d like to achieve that would require that something essential about you is transformed. Make a plan to achieve that goal within 3, 6, or 12 months. Make this process ritualistic by meditating and lighting a candle with intention before you begin.

Take good care out there,

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