Clear Magic by Terry Ozon on Flickr, License 2.0.
Clear Magic by Terry Ozon on Flickr, License 2.0.

The dark Moon is in the final degree of Cancer and will ingress Leo at 4:52 pm EDT.

Notes on some of the most compelling aspects of the day, in context.

First, the party in Leo.

* The unmistakeable, undeniable, never-ignorable Sun is in Leo applying a trine to Uranus retrograde in Aries.

This is about summoning the will to express a creative transformation that has been percolating for some time now. This aspect is a clear bell tone of the Uranus re-invention story that has been shifting the ground floor of our psyches and existence since 2010, when Uranus first started rumbling. The trine aspect over the next 24 hours with the Sun in the sign of his rulership is a thrust to consider again where you are on the path toward flagrant individuation in the interest of self-love and advancement that is then generously shared with others.

* Mars newly in Leo. Separating from aspecting the nodal axis. Lording over both Saturn and Uranus.

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are mathematically calculated points derived from the Moon’s relationship to the ecliptic. Even though they exist on the mathematical plane and the extent of their physical existence is the space the occupy in the minds of astrologers, these two points on either end of a dragon have much to do with the framework around which we might choose to steer our lives.

The beginning of this week finds Mars in aspect to the nodal axis. With Venus Retrograde and the north node in Libra, this would encompass themes of independence (Aries South Node) and partnering (Libra North Node), going it alone versus partnering, the will power of the pioneer vs the force of strength generated when two or more minds take a well-dressed seat at the negotiating table.

Since Saturn is picking up planetary pace in Scorpio and now answering to a more direct Mars, this is a time to build or treat structures in your life with flair, light, and fortitude. Mars in Leo lifts major weight. Your Saturn story at this time is getting benchpressed into the light of your awareness. The themes in that story might include in-depth transformation with awareness, energetic exchange in relationships, shared resources in whatever form, encountering others’ values, your personal will vs. the transformation that happens in relating, sex and sexuality, and all hidden inner processes.  A chief angle to aim for here is confronting reality with awareness. All that follows from there is substantial.

* Finally, a few words about Mercury opposite Neptune.

Mercury is in fantastic shape in Virgo. It is a smart collector and dissector of data. It observes processes and zooms in to pick them apart in order to put them back together, perhaps more efficiently, or in order to heal or purge.

When Mercury is opposite Neptune there is a quality of slippery speech, but also the ability for hemispheres of the brain or regions of thinking to become subtly integrated. There is also the quality of diffusing information into the atmosphere without saying a word, silently speaking loudly, or receiving information from the surrounds in subtle ways. Also, there is the potential that an astrology horoscope could go on for miles, sharing a lot of of useful information but never seeming to come to an end.

* Finally again, Jupiter has entered Virgo and is conjunct the beneficent fixed star Regulus, esteemed for ages as being the royal star, bestower of virtue and many good things besides. Venus and Jupiter are taking turns collecting the quality of this star and sharing it with us all. There is just a touch of magic in the air. Just a touch of honorary excellence to be experienced.

Stay tuned for a more detailed treatment of Jupiter in Virgo.

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In details we benefit,
With warmth from MD,

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