Moving sidewalk at Detroit's Metropolitan Airport
Moving sidewalk at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport

Greetings everyone!

Today we have the Moon in Gemini sailing through the heavens essentially unfettered for the next 21 hours or so, meaning that the Moon makes no aspects until its sextile to the Sun in Leo around 7 AM Eastern time tomorrow.

(Edit: Actually the Moon is applying a square to Neptune, apparently rendering itself invisible to this astrologer’s gaze. Characteristic, and noted.)

This is like sounding a gong against a metal singing bowl in a calm and settled room. Without interference, the sound reverberates clearly and freely through the atmos.

As I write these horoscopes I become aware that there is  planetary logic that is being pieced together. The Moon in this sign, the Sun in this sign, both making aspects to a third planet or each to other planets. Which planet has more weight or influence, which shares information with which others, what is the effect.

All of these pieces can be assessed individually, but the magic happens when they all come together to form a coherent whole. And the human experience of life is not to splinter information into moving bits of data, but to unify all the bits so that something meaningful is holistically perceived.

In the spirit of that vein, philosopher Chaim Perelman presents the idea that a strong argument does not require that each step in the logical process be enumerated explicitly in order to effectively demonstrate a point. The rigor required to dispel all ambiguity demands that an overly laborious (for the occasion) process be undertaken, and this both bores the reader or listener, and weakens the argument. Perelman terms this non-rigorous method of formal reasoning, the quasi-logical argument.

With the Moon in Gemini being lorded over, or answering to, or disposed of by its ruler Mercury — newly strong in Virgo — it’s possible to tilt the head and squint to see traces of this configuration shining through the glass here.

The subtle and pervasive unification of processes, the quasi-logical method of presenting an idea, comes in considering Mercury’s applying opposition to Neptune. This is something to watch. If you’ll take a moment to remember the most recent Mercury Retrograde period (end May to mid June), you’ll bring in a flood of information from that period. I’ll wait.

Doo doo dooo…

Ok. The hallmark of that Mercury Retrograde period was Mercury’s triple square to Neptune. You might find it fruitful to use several moments this weekend to recall and cement any lessons from that time-period before the tide washes in again force in full. This transit is at its peak over the middle of the upcoming week, and receding but still in effect next weekend.

In other parts of the sky, Mars ingresses Leo this evening just before 8 PM Eastern time, raising himself up from the depths of Cancer’s cooling waters and drying off just in time to bring some heat to the rest of the party in Leo. This is a demonstrative, theatrical, egoistic Mars which taps into its energy when there is a sense of the creative or dramatic or sensational. It will be good to have Mars back in a fire sign, where Mars does Mars things with relative directness.

Overall and in the interest of unification, the closing to this horoscope calls for a view of the broader term picture.

We’re in high summer with a lot of fixed energy, post Jupiter-Saturn square and amidst the all important Venus Retrograde cycle. The latter part of the year through Gemini season 2016 features a prominent T-Square in three out of the four mutable signs, with the Sun filling in the fourth point June 2016. We still have another two weeks or so of high summer fixed Leo, and Mars in Leo through the last week of September.

Taking all of this into consideration, now is a time of cementing foundations, values, structures, in all parts of life. It is a time for utter clarity on the non-negotiable elements of the foundation. This clarity will make decision making easier as we transition into a time that will call for pronounced flexibility.

Wishing you well.

Warmly from MD,

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