Stanisław Wyspiański, Capricorn.  Eos, Phosphoros, Hesperos, Helios, black-coloured pencil drawing. 1897.
Stanisław Wyspiański, Capricorn.
Eos, Phosphoros, Hesperos, Helios, black-coloured pencil drawing. 1897.

Today we find the Moon in Aries entering the Last Quarter Square phase of the Moon cycle over the next 24-48 hours or so.
The next two days promise to be dynamic and action oriented as the Moon in fire sign Aries makes numerous aspects – meaning a lot happens on the levels of emotion and physical body—in addition to being in the last quarter square Moon phase.

Every planetary cycle is repeated monthly in the phases of the Moon, the fastest orbiting body we can witness from Earth. For example, the Uranus-Pluto square that was so prominent from 2010-ish – 2015 and several years beyond had its new moon phase in the 1960’s when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined. The most recent series of seven squares is analogous to the first quarter square phase of the moon cycle – a time of creative birthing through crisis.

Coming back full circle to the present moon cycle, there is a build up to a closing square between the moon and the sun over the next few days. Mixing in the symbolism of the signs, this is a time of crisis in which we become aware of what is needed for self-nourishment, and taking the initiative to self-protect by offering the self what it needs. Self because Aries.

As this moon cycle draws to a close over the next week or so, the moon’s time in Aries offers visceral (dispositor of Cancer Sun and Mars) awareness of the need to separate from a pattern, relationship, or status quo.

With both luminaries – the sun and moon—in signs that are in challenging angular relationship to the points where Uranus and Pluto had their squares, this last quarter moon cycle underscores and reminds of the transformation that was called for over the course of 2012-2015.

Saturn in Scorpio retrograde aids in emotional awareness of what requires transformation. Remember that for the bulk of Uranus-Pluto action, Saturn was in Scorpio, emphasizing the requirement for transforming outdated patterns in the interest of soul level and even human level growth and development. Stagnation is not the go! Get the energy circulating.

Meanwhile, Venus approaches a square to Saturn, putting love, creativity, affection, sharing, finances, intimacy, and femininity all under scrutiny. To work with this energy, give Venus the structure and microscope it is requiring now to give the heaviness of Saturn’s influence an outlet. Think deeply about beauty. Ring your credit card companies and negotiate a new rate. Go over your accounting…with chocolate. From another angle, whatever happens in relationship now is part of a longer term story, so you’ll want to take note.

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