John William Godward, Leo. The Quiet Pet, oil on canvas. 1906.
John William Godward, Leo. The Quiet Pet, oil on canvas. 1906.

Today the Moon is in the second decan of Taurus, where she is strong. The sign of Cancer is hosting three planets, including the Sun— the light of our solar system, Mars, and Mercury which has just entered the sign.

Mercury makes its entrance into Cancer after being in the connective and cerebral space of Gemini for many weeks, where it had its retrograde period. Mercury in Cancer not only cools our rapid fire intellects, but also deepens the mind, and sends it down and inside the body. Literally, we could get in touch with our viscerae (use your hands!), the deepest organs, and understand what is being housed there. Even in Cancer, Mercury has wings on his shoes, so getting in touch with what may have settled (dispositor is the Moon in Taurus) within our bodies allows us to move what we find there, oxygenating the blood and circulating it, so that it can nourish every part of the body with the vital nutrients we take in.

Eugene de Blaas, Venetian Flower Seller. 1895.
Eugene de Blaas, Venetian Flower Seller. 1895.

Beyond Mercury, the overall tone of the heavens now is one of depth restructuring. In addition to applying aspects to Pluto, which I’ll write about soon, Venus is in bright Leo, but she applies a square to heavy Saturn — putting the Feminine under pressure. Give women love and support now, as the scales lean toward a critical, self-criticising, or simply hard working female principle. So, love and support might mean giving the feminine space to work. When I say feminine I do mean biological woman, and I also mean the feminine principle that transcends gender. That soft, tender, yielding, receiving, fruitive quality inherent in…. The Universe.
Further, Mercury now applies a square to the nodes of the Moon over the course of the next 24 hours. This indicates a message, a meeting, an idea, a person, a paper, a news article, a fleeting thought, a note from the past, anything along these lines that emerges in your consciousness and sweetly says, “hey there. letting you know of the crossroads here. that horizon has a partnership waiting for you. or you could go back there and do things on your own, but that might not be the most helpful way to go. just letting you know. you choose what to do. feel it out.”

And so it goes! We’re preparing for heavier astrology in the coming week, so best to give your full attention and move through the now with awareness. Especially awareness of inner currents.

As for today, the exalted Moon in Taurus applying to sextile the Sun in Cancer promises to be productive if not comforting, as we sink into the weekend, and deeper into the dark of the moon, where turning inward is an offering, and where replenishment is the blessing.


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