Jacques Louis Dubois, Hebe. Oil on Canvas, 19th Century.


The Moon is currently passing through the first decan of Pisces. Over the next 9-10 hours it will connect the energies of Neptune with Mars and the Sun, as it first trines Mars while it inches closer to a conjunction with Neptune then a trine with the Sun.

We’re just wrapping up the July 4th holiday here in the States. The lead up to America’s official solar return had the Moon in Aquarius, which is the same place as America’s Sibly “birth” chart. Here in the heart of the U.S. Capitol, there is a demonstrated social and political undertone of anger at a celebration that is at best well intentioned but superficial and at worst actively repressing legitimate anger of an embattled group of people.

Here are some interpretations of the current planetary symbolism:

* Undertow of emotion
* The desire to be utterly transformed
* Masses of people congregating to celebrate independence
* Celebrating freedom at a cost; high stakes
* Alternative celebrations/dissent vs. mainstream celebrations/mass consciousness
* Resentment of superficial celebration
* Witnessing the hidden-ness of the dark underbelly; requiring its acknowledgement
* The counter-culture movement demands attention
* Angry womb ; powerful creative process
* Chthonic resentment of women
* Hostility toward women
* Sweeping truth under the rug
* Shining a light on hard truth
* Recognizing family baggage
* Recognizing collective baggage
* Sharing deep feelings with trusted loved ones
* Healing in the flowing waters of love
* Taking care of the gut
* Digesting something unpalatable
* Mustering initiative takes a while
* Feeling the way toward healing

The high air of the Aquarius Moon over the past few days closed with an aspect of a square to Saturn, giving the sense of being on the business end of a celebration. Today, the Pisces Moon brings a cooling and dampening quality. Over the next half day or so we have the ability to listen, feel, and take action with sensitivity, knowing intuitively the right ways to move forward, even if we might require some additional motivation to light a fire underneath ourselves and produce tangible results.

Take good care.

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