"Azurite-velvet-beauty" by cobalt - Flickr.
“Azurite-velvet-beauty” by cobalt – Flickr.


Today the Moon passes through the early degrees of Capricorn as it fills to capacity over the course of the next twelve hours. It will perfect fullness at 10:20 PM EDT July 1.

This moment is a passage of profound and heavy healing and expansion. We find our emotional disposition stoic and turned to necessity of acting to tie up loose ends that may have in some way or other evaded our attention.

The heaviness of what must be addressed is both writ large and ballooned, in an optimistic sense, by the presence of the Venus-Jupiter merger. If you are directing your attention, there is the gift of knowledge of the inner or outer landscapes that require your diligent effort to effectively address. This means measuring, graphing, planning, creating goals, setting deadlines, all while acknowledging the gravity of this moment.

Also, it’s helpful to maintain awareness of the presence of the unique opportunity of this moment alongside any heavier realities. This yields the ability to create an effective plan, or at any rate observe with interest the events spanning through the fall. I try to offer tools to help you shape your reality as much as is possible in these scopes (depth philosophic deterministic considerations not withstanding), as, for me, Sagittarian as I am, knowledge precipitates action. Carrying on…

As Venus travels for the first time the degrees it will travel three times through October, all while sustaining a high degree of activity, Saturn retrogrades back to station at Scorpio’s penultimate degree, re-entering Sagittarius on September 17. The cosmos now is establishing a timeline that is set through a couple of weeks beyond the moment of the Libra equinox.

This moment of high summer, however, is asking us to acknowledge the benefits that are bestowed to us from the periphery of our reality.

Take a moment to consider your life here and now. What dark and musty territory are you consciously re-treading so as to clear the decks for a transformation to take place? Where is there a benediction existing just beyond your direct vision? Where can you re-mineralize your soul/soil so that you may infuse that into the structural supports of your life?

Hoping this horoscope finds you freakin’ awesome,
Happy full moon,
With love,
I remain,
Yours truly,


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