Today the Moon moves through the final decan and a half of Sagittarius. It goes void at 2:18 PM EDT, and enters Capricorn at 5:11 AM July 1 for the monthly full Moon.

But don’t let the fact that the moon is monthly let you think this is any ordinary full Moon. This is a lucky, hot pants, rev your engine and go kind of energy.

A few of the planetary themes today:

* Taking the time to be reasonable


Just kidding. Although it would be wise to think twice before taking action, especially assertive or aggressive confrontation or forward movement. Make sure you know from whence the action stems emotionally. You might ask yourself, are you responding to this precise moment, or are you responding to the past?

* Expanding beyond your acceptable levels of risk

Your big dream. Your dream lover. The best day imaginable. Saying what you mean. Putting yourself out there. Sharing your big smile. Expecting things to go better than planned.
Busting through the status quo is so pleasurable now. Look up in the sky tonight and see Venus and Jupiter setting together just after the Sun. This influence says, find the light in your heart and share it with everyone you know. As you open yourself, you light up the room.

* The art of Conception

Jupiter-saturated skies and transits contribute to positive timing for getting pregnant. If you’re trying, you could lovingly go for it now, as there is a heaping cosmic spoonful of support on hand. If you’re not trying you’ll want to exercise extra caution with your romantic and sexual escapades at this time. Metaphorically, you could consider what you want to conceive at this ultra auspicious seed moment, which will arrive thrice through October!

With Cancer and Leo so prominent in the sky, what do you want to hatch, nourish, and grow now? Think about your future—Jupiter’s domain. What could you do now that would have the future you saying “HOLY MOLY YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME – THANKS.”?

— You could conceive…

A plan
A partnership
A piece of art
A masterpiece
A vision
A new groove of possibility

A very joyful and expansive time indeed. On a related note, I’m sending out my new menu of my offerings to my subscribers today. I’ve personally been hatching this menu for months, so I’m really excited to send the announcement. If you want to receive that e-mail, you’ll please sign up right cheow:

Happy days, readers.

With love,

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