It’s a day with pronounced Jupiter themes of the higher mind, education, philosophizing, expansion, travel, joy, freedom.

While there is the urge to dash off into a sunny horizon, there is also a foggy haze present owing to Moon applying to square Neptune. Some ways today’s astrology could be coming up:

* Iteration after iteration of possible trajectories. All look good.

* Seeing the big picture a new and different way

* Giving something up to move toward a horizon of possibilities.

* Comprehending personal in/significance in the context of vastness. That understanding looping back into the necessity of blasting the moment open. One life, every tendril of feeling savored.

* Approaching a confrontation with the past, recognizing there is emotional substance that must be sacrificed so as to be freed to move toward the future

* Pouring rocket fuel onto everything you do today

* Softening aggression to open up partnership potentials

* Expression of aggression, not necessarily directed at the person in front of you, leading to deepening partnership

* Being inspired to express the authentic self in big and surprising ways

Some notes:

Moon is in Sagittarius having just completed a sextile to the north node and a trine to the south node, pulling us away from the past and toward the future. Away from aggression and toward partnership. Away from overly egocentric expression toward compromise.

Mars is in its fall in Cancer, and also combust the sun, doubly weakening Mars usual expression of direct action, direct confrontation, straightforward aggression, and so on. This reminds me of the peak moment in a short story by Edgar Alan Poe, Mystification. Spoiler Alert. After suffering public insult at the hand of a gentleman contender, the protagonist takes a moment to compose himself so as not to savagely express his blistering rage. He then explains the misdirected act of aggression he is about to take in response, which is to hurl a decanter of wine at the mirror reflecting the image of his contender. A lot of this Mars in cancer is about recognizing the undercurrent of aggression and maybe that acknowledgement allows active discovery of alternative avenues for expressing it.

There’s definitely a lot of the good, lucky, and upbeat to tap today, so I can’t imagine anyone’d stay down for too long.

Venus is conjunct Jupiter (one degree from exact) and trine Uranus. This is the dream big and anything could happen effect, which is underscored by Moon transiting Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. Scintillating freedom and possibility hangs in the atmosphere. Look at that horizon! What you have before you is an especially inviting skyline.

Take care and enjoy!


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