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Greetings and blessings!

Mercury retrograde has now cleared two degrees past its final exact square to Neptune, out of three total from May 18 to June 27.

Over the past 24-36 hours we have been actively integrating the message of this Mercury retrograde cycle for you. This is a time when we have “ah-ha” moments; when we can finally take a long look at what has transpired from about the middle of May with a fair bit of distance, now possessing the ability to take the long view.

We are having realizations and epiphanies. These epiphanies are now influenced by being in emotional integrity within our own inner space. This influence is due to Saturn having straddled the line between Sagittarius and Scorpio over the course of this second Mercury retrograde of the year. We started with a vision, and now need to *feel* emotionally aligned with the way we choose to think about the space in our lives where Mercury has been traveling.

The necessity for feeling profound emotional alignment also has to do with Mercury’s triple square action to Neptune over the course of its retrograde phase.

There is a need for incorporating both ambiguity and clarity, blurriness and precision, softness and sharpness into our outer and inner endeavors at this time.

If that all sounds familiar yet abstract to you, it would help to reflect on your life this past month or so and consider where you may have been vacillating between poles. I said this in a previous forecast, but it bears repeating that sometimes clarity is not always available, even when there might be a perceived need for immediate action or decision making. The sense of ambiguity does not preclude firm decisions, but it does require building in a bit of leeway with yourself and others. It is rare that an endeavor is carried out precisely as planned.

The square between Mercury and Neptune has happened in mutable signs, and so we recall the adage, blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape.

If you know your chart, please check below for a brief reflection on where this Mercury Retrograde has asked for your attention and reconsideration in your life. Also if you know your chart you can keep in mind where Neptune is as that will influence the meanings below

Gemini :  How your conceive of yourself and the ideal image you would like to portray

Taurus :  Your personal resources your interactions with groups of people

Aries : Your thinking patterns and your hidden intuitive thrusts

Pisces : Your home and family and your self-propelled spiritual endeavors

Aquarius : Your lover, children, or creativity,  and the flow of your personal resources

Capricorn : Your health, work, day to day routine, and the porousness of your mind

Sagittarius : Your intimate one on one relationships, and the requirement of your home as a place of sanctuary

Scorpio : The emotional, energetic, or physical resources you share with others, and the enticing pull of your creativity, children, romance

Libra: What you believe to be spiritual principles of life, coming up against your health, your work, co-workers, or your day to day activities and how you render service

Virgo : What you say publicly about who you are, and how your partner conceives of you, or the subtle influence your partner has on your image

Leo : The groups of people you associate with, dreams you have, or causes you support, and how you share emotional, energetic, and financial resources with regard to the groups, dreams, or causes.

Cancer : Your connection with your intuition or subtle perceptions, and how these come up against your explorations of spiritual truths

Warmly & w/ <3, really,

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