Zenobia's last look on Palmyra, Herbert G. Schmalz, oil on canvas, 1888
Zenobia’s last look on Palmyra, Herbert G. Schmalz, oil on canvas, 1888

Today, Venus, the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus are all playing majorly in the astrology for this Solstice eve. In honor of this time and these aspects, let’s blow today’s forecast wildly out of proportion, shall we? It’ll be fun.

In horary astrology, the last aspect the Moon has made contributes to the meaning of what has just happened; in today’s case, the Moon has just completed a conjunction with Venus. As these two most popular feminine archetypes in global collective consciousness are in the sign of Leo, there is a distinctly potent sense of Feminine Will circulating through our systems today. This will be repeated as Venus retrogrades back and forth over Jupiter in the sign of Leo as it transitions from evening star to Morning star over the course of the summer.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents the king, the Solar masculine principle. The astrological Sun correlates to the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell, (Aries in case your curious), elucidated for us. The hero, and Leo (and wherever Leo and your Sun are in your chart), must draw out of himself sheer willpower to engage in the journeys of his lifetime, even in the face of uncertainty about whether or not he’s up for it, whether he’ll make it, whether he’ll be approved of by the society, and all those fears that come up whenever there is a call to adventure.

Everyone has the Sun somewhere in their chart, and yet we (the global human we) appear to be  facing a space in collective history where the willpower has been cultivated to the point of distortion. Dragons have been slain not because there have been dragons to slay but because the drive to slay is bloodthirsty. The drive to slay has so much momentum behind it that it goes on perpetuating itself despite dire and repeated indications that a counterbalance is necessary. This has the ouroboric effect of producing dragons that require slaying.

Meanwhile, the Moon is coming off its conjunction to Venus, and delivering into the collective (or public) consciousness the seed message of Venus’ extended stay in Leo. We recognize that the feminine principle in general emphasizes receptivity over constant activity. The Moon and Venus are about being rather than doing in any masculine driven sense of the word. It is through the feminine qualities of inner resourcefulness, accessed in a space of receiving, that doing is accomplished with a sense of ease, and with respect to the observable cycles of nature.

So this moment appears to be asking that the solar consciousness increase the frequency of stretches of time that are for reflection. When this happens, the Sun’s rays become diffuse but maintain potency. The actions taken from this space are more deeply resourced. This conjures the natural phenomenon in which the light of the Sun is reflected by the disc of the Moon, which softens the perception and bleeds the solar hard lines of separate objects into one another, allowing access to a deeper space of contemplation.

From that space emerge more nourished, whole, and complete creations, relations, and actions. Engaging that space also has the natural effect of allowing more complex expressions of femininity to sprawl into existence and to be activated as more frequently emerging states of being.

The concept of Feminine Will encompasses engaging in the Solar masculine will to power after being soaked in the tempering and cooling effect of contemplation of interconnectedness, complexity, and bringing life into the world.

On this eve of the Solstice, may we reflect on the receptive space of creative action.

Solstice blessings to you all!


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