Grand Canyon - Photo by Flickr user Moyan Brenn
Grand Canyon – Photo by Flickr user Moyan Brenn

Today we find ourselves in the throes of fresh New Moon territory. We are now in the tail end of an eclipse cycle wrapped in a soft explosion wrapped in a dream and delivered to your malleable psyche.

This is a good time to stand firmly where we are, to be rooted in ourselves, and to take stock.

Periodically taking stock of our lives not only feels amazing (It really feels very good, I highly recommend you try it), but realigns us with the convergence point of our thoughts, actions and circumstances– should alignment be something we are seeking– and reacquaints us with ourselves. Aligning with ourselves engages us in a process where we get to say, “Hey old friend. There is never a moment that we are not together. Why not let’s sit down and have a heart to heart.”

So let’s do that.

The final Uranus-Pluto square in a series of 7 happened on March 16, 2015. Finally, the ongoing throbbing beat of that major configuration was put to rest. With regard to the Uranus-Pluto square, we are now in a phase of re-integration, reorganization, and re-acclimation to our new and drastically changed environment. Why so many “re”s? Because life is constantly being lived again, even as we wake from daily slumber. Please try to keep up.

There was a monumental — no exaggeration — solar eclipse at the very last degree of the Zodiac on March 20, 2015. This was a major moment of release and renewal. For the next few weeks, the event, a portal, ushered in new experiences, brought in new people, and revealed new dimensions of our psyche. We may have literally felt a pocket of existence opening up that was there all the time, waiting for us to see it.

There were a number of inner planet conjunctions to outer planets in Aries, Uranus and Eris, which brought us even further into the reaches of new dimensions of experience that served to radically and perhaps disruptively pursue novel ways of being. This is the soft explosion. Unless you were in a place in the world that is actually having bombs dropped on it, then the explosion is literal and lethal and not exactly aligned with the planets.

I digress.

On April 4th we had a Full Moon Lunar eclipse rounding out the eclipse cycle. Me-We themes were highlighted as we discerned how to balance individual needs with the needs of partnership, group, or commitment to a cause.

On April 8th, Jupiter turned direct and some of us hit the jackpot. In any case, something big happened according to the circumstances set up by you and your personal karmic story this lifetime. I did an interpretation of the chart of the moment of direct motion. While it may have been an exercise in poesis (I believe strongly in how we create reality with our words and strong images), I did find my interpretation resonate with my personal story in the days to come and in the lives of many people around me. That may just be how this holographic Universe is set up. I think so.

On April 17th, Pluto went retrograde and its psychological muck-raking effects were felt in the cores of our beings. Pluto…itty bitty living quarters, phenomenal cosmic powers.

That bring us to today, April 20th, 2015. There was a new moon yesterday. Happy New Moon to you. There is a plodding congregation of bodies in Taurus, and a thick Neptunian vibe hanging in the air. The feeling is slow, sensual, self assured, methodical, and restorative. The Sun is in the final degree of Aries. This is known as the anaretic degree. We are striding headlong into the schoen (go with it) of Taurus season.

Use Taurus season to take stock.

There is a way to do this methodically. There is also a way to do it free-form. I would recommend the free-form option, since we are presently in Neptune land. Here is what you do.

You’ll need a pen or pencil and your journal or notebook, or simply some paper. Sit down with yourself and put the timer on on your phone. Let’s say, I don’t know, 25 minutes. You are not to do anything for those 25 minutes except hold the intention inside yourself (intention: Saturn word), that you are taking stock of where you are in your life right now. Write with your hands, everything that comes up for you, in whatever way it does.

No need for order or organization of thoughts, let yourself go and allow the psyche spill out in whatever way it needs to.

If you drift off and stop writing, start writing again. Do this until the time is up.

Examine what you’ve come up with. How you started and how you finished, and how you’ll move forward having gotten to know yourself a bit better in this way.

Then I would recommend that you do this every month or so. It is a nice lunar cycle exercise, and here you are after all, reading an astrology blog. Cyclical natures are honored here.

I remain,
Yours in astrological devotion,

Image: Photo by Flickr User Moyan Brenn

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