Photo by Flickr User Håkon Thingstad
Photo by Flickr User Håkon Thingstad

Good morning People. The Moon is currently void in Capricorn. Moon will enter Aquarius at 1:44 PM EDT, at which point it will immediately apply a trine to Venus.

What we have today are two inner planets making contact with the idea of a retrograde. As Mars is applying to a newly direct Jupiter,  Venus is applying to a retrograde Saturn.

Mars in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo speaks to us about the desire to take big action, make big conquests, and proselytize until we are rich. The difficulty arises when we gloss over the reality that taking big action requires actually taking action. Mars in Taurus can be a bit slow to get going. Our ego could get in the way of doing what needs to be done for a more expansive result. There could be a sense of extreme reluctance, possibly out of a sense of pride, to consistently behave in a way that demonstrates commitment to a larger vision.

Mars sextiles Neptune. The faith we cultivate in taking action will see us through fruitive productivity. This is Kierkegaard’s Leap of Faith. We are Abraham setting our son upon the mountain as a blood sacrifice to God, and our faith is bolstered when God comes through with an Angel and exchanges our progeny for a ram.



So this is alluding to the fruits of our actions right. This is the same principle we find in Bhakti Yoga, wherein we act without attachment to the result, but since all our actions are for Sri Krishna, we make sure they are Proper, Efficient, Thorough, Soaked in Love, Created Well.

This leads us into Venus’ applying opposition to Saturn, which I will only say a small bit about today (…). Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn literally fucking trotting through Sagittarius. Saturn has been at 4 Sagittarius since February 9. Saturn will move backwards to 3 Sag on April 17.

Those of you with early degree mutable planets — tell me if you are now longing for your 2012-2015 era Neptune transits.

Transit joke.

A valence of Venus opposite  Saturn across the Gemini-Sagittarius is  depreciation of value through negative self talk. We may have this vision of a new structure in our lives, but things are going so slowly that we wonder if we should throw in the towel. If you are thinking like this please revisit Saturn principles #1, 2, and 3, which concisely state “If ye so desireth to create a structure in the life of thou, ye shall ploddeth on even unto the death of the Sun, and the birth of the Sun, and the Sun’s second coming, at which point if thou is still standing, thou will also have a standing structure”

Have a good day folks.


image: Håkon Thingstad

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