Early morning. Photo by Flickr User Moyan Brenn

The most recent New Moon in Aries (which started a new two year lunar phase cycle) featured Neptune EVERYWHERE, all over EVERYTHING, and notably, a Venus in Gemini square Neptune aspect.

Now the question is, do I just want to share this song with you (the illustrious ever luminous Jason Mraz, all obeisances), or is the astrology actually indicative of this phenomenon?

I think the meaning is where we put it so here you go. This is for when you are communicating through the vehicle of the Universal Mind, and you just really need to know, ARE YOU HEARING ME?

HAPPY Monday folks. If you hate Monday I invite you to make Monday your b*tch and get that stuff together because you only have the one life, dig me.

If you want to strategize how to make this Monday and every Monday your b*tch, book a reading with me by e-mailing atlasastrology [at] gmail [dot] com. Do that soon, cause I’m raising my prices with the Moon in Gemini.

Yours in ass kicking,


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