We have just entered a patch of time that can be described as an ancient lake of simmering potential. As I related in a recent blog post, last week we had a poignant solar eclipse that is the only one of its kind, and we will complete this season’s eclipse cycle with the lunar eclipse on April 4th at 14 degrees Libra. Take a big breath and re-orient yourself after making it through a super eventful and highly charged week.

Now is a great opportunity to examine your life to figure out what you want to leave behind, consolidate all the lessons you have acquired recently, and boldly blaze new trails that are aligned with exactly what you want your life to be. These words flippantly escape my fingertips but you know and I know that it takes work to sit with yourself and do the gritty process of self examination. Know that the reward potential (whatever it is you give value to) for doing this is now maximized. There is a great cosmic flow of energies guiding you to go inside yourself. As Mercury conjoins Chiron, we can access our own sense of mentorship and healing through the non-linear emotional processes happening in our minds.  This requires that we are committed to standing alongside ourselves through our more difficult inner and outer experiences.

In honor of the potent symbolism of the Pisces Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees, in the next post I will be sharing an excerpt from Joseph Campbell in the Power of Myth. It’s about emerging into the depths of our unconscious to find what there is to find, and coming out of that experience changed. Of course it’s not that simple, so I urge you to read the excerpt with your heart’s eye, and be open to the process of deepening your soul.

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