Rewriting our personal scripts builds up the spiritual muscle tone we need to participate in rewriting the culture’s collective script.

Caroline Casey

Uranus squares Pluto exactly today. This will not have flown under the radar of anybody who knows anything about astrology.

Looking around the world it is easy to feel overwhelmed when we consider the conditions so many people are living with, dire, unacceptable, inhumane. So much veiled and distorted reality. It’s easy to begin to immediately build savior narratives — what can I do to help ease this? Knowing the enormity of so much oppression can be like standing near the bottom of a tall icy mountain, watching a tremendous snowball hurling toward you at warp speed. Moving would be slippery business.

Take this moment to know the stories seeded now will continue to unfold. As generational planets, it can take decades before we are able to stand back for a good view of the full picture Uranus and Pluto are now painting. A sense of urgency is fine, it means your blood is warm and beating through your veins. Your cosmic antennae is tuned to “schwewoo”, and you’re appropriately feeling like there’s gotta be a different way this can go. There is. Feeling like, there’s no way we can take this lying down. This is true too.

Parts of some of our stories are to be on the front lines in a more collective sense. Actively doing, working in a shelter, lobbying against evil mega-corps, working to build heart based community, grassroots unfurling of a vision of a better future. But personal stories, like collective ones, weave and wind like rivers. Now we’re working in an internally displaced persons camp, now we’re raising our children, now we’re strengthening our bodies, now we’re signing petitions, now we’re building a garden, now we’re healing our ancestral inheritance, right. Over time, focus shifts.

So, in the spirit of Sagittarius season (also in the spirit of being an embodied being who’s gotta carry the f on), let’s valiantly attempt to maintain perspective. Intention counts for a lot. The story will continue unfolding. In the meantime, in between time, take good care!

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image: Jeff Jagunich