Today’s last quarter square Moon from Virgo to Sag reminds us that small time philosophers, too, make wise statements. This is about observing that a thinker need not be promoted by a big publishing house, need not have studied in the most prestigious learning institutions, nor have their name on the tip of every (sanctioned) tongue of import to have something meaningful to say.

Remember, a phrase you overhear while walking to your fave coffeeshop can re-orient your worldview. When you come across a quote in your facebook feed that synchronously, amazingly, happens to speak to precisely where you are in that moment. When a friend introduces you to someone new and the conversation develops into a really impactful exchange. Each of these instances reveals that there could be a prophet lingering in every mundane moment, and if you think you’re going to have a different experience by listening to the same song on the popular radio station with the popular artists, watching the same repetitive commercials on tv, taking the same route you always do, then there isn’t a space for that new realization to come through. Look in a different place, discover a different truth. And that place could be the same place you looked at yesterday, yet today it’s your curiosity and a sidelong glance that uncovers something new.

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image: Lucrezia Testa Iannilli