The last quarter square Moon is in Virgo today. Virgo is a sign of rich symbolism, and it is well known as a meticulous discriminator– a sign that brings the detritus of life into awareness, sorts, and clears it, all this according to well established operational principles. So as the Moon passes through this sign, decreasing in size and light, let’s consider how we can practically apply (Virgo keywords everywhere) the symbolism of a darkening moon.

The waning Moon invites us to relate to the inner life each of us carries within us. This cyclical monthly process is built in by nature, a reminder that that as nature-beings ourselves, there is a time for willful action and a time for repose. Some processes only occur when space is created for them to take place. In this space new glimmers of shining possibility — leaps and stretches of connections that can only be made by the non-linear processes — emerge to inspire and inform our more willful proclivities.

In the spirit of the quiet magic of the waning Moon, an excerpt on Hecate from Hades Moon by Judy Hall.

“Hecate is linked to choices and to “The Way.” She is at her most powerful when the Moon wanes, the instinctual time for journeying into the Underworld through dreams and visions. She rules the great crossroads of life, such as puberty, marriage, birth, and menopause, when feminine power is closest to the surface. These are times of initiation, of going into the self for both men and women, but women tend to be more conscious of the process. Hecate has a torch to light the darkness, and thus performs the function of taking one deep into oneself, and of linking the conscious with the unconscious. She is, therefore, an excellent guide for inner work.”

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image: Aaron J. Groen