Weekly Astro Forecast 5.9.22

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This week is host to some pretty key astrological events as far as the year is concerned:

  1. Jupiter enters Aries

  2. Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini

  3. The total lunar eclipse in Scorpio 

For those of us who are already feeling the Aries vibes, let me give it to you straight and fast:

We are essentially in eclipse season of accelerated change and amplified emotions, and there are two major planetary events happening during eclipse season that also bring a lot of shifts of their own. It’s a lot of astrological change in a short and potentially intense period of time. 

On an internal level – these planets represent aspects of us. There are parts of us that are growing, shifting, changing, releasing, truth-telling, meditating, acknowledging truths, and essentially moving into a new  or different level or kind of experience. We have to meet these parts of ourselves compassionately. And recognize that others are going through something similar. 

On an external level – a lot is shifting on a collective level as well. There is so much going on in the public sphere, that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and carried away like a sailboat on an active bay. 

During these times it’s more important than ever to have tools, routines, and relationships that ground us into the basic truth of who we are and what we are doing.  Breathing, moving the body, getting physical as a conduit to getting grounded and/or getting spiritual are remedies for the major flux energy afoot during these times. 

I actually have several long paragraphs of text written to share with you today but in honor of ARIES I am going to keep this communique short. 

So I leave you with this:

In honor of Jupiter in Aries:  Believe in yourself, and act on it. Also get physical daily if you are able to! Power walk, pump the arms, break a small or big sweat…. Whatever you can do. 

In recognition of Mercury retrograde: Breathe through the communication influx. Re-evaluate the areas of your life that are asking for recalibration. Take five seconds, or one deep in and out breath,  to think before you respond to an important or urgent-feeling communication. 

In honor of the big fat total lunar eclipse in Scorpio: This one is so heavy guys. It’s an outward flow of energy (south node eclipse). And Scorpio Moons are highly emotional, and highly secretive. We can throw in highly intuitive too, because that’s often true as well, if the tendency toward negative emotional interpretation is mitigated.  Allow emotions to move through you. Recognize that others may not act rationally. Protect your interests. Journal it out. Honor what needs to come to an end. Make space for the fresh and the new that will eventually arrive. Rely on your tools, routines, and trusted relations. It is a good time for a self-truth in the emotional sphere, and safe emotional purge if that’s something that’s coming up for you.

Jupiter in Aries Timeline: 

May 10: Jupiter enters Aries

July 28: Jupiter stations retrograde at 8° Aries

October 28: Jupiter retrograde re-enters Pisces

November 23: Jupiter stations direct at 28° Pisces

December 20: Jupiter re-enters Aries

May 16, 2023: Jupiter enters Taurus

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus Timeline:

May 10: Mercury stations retrograde at 4° Gemini

May 22: Mercury retrograde enters Taurus

June 3: Mercury stations direct at 26° Taurus

June 13: Mercury re-enters Gemini

June 19: Mercury clears 4° Gemini

Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: May 15 9:14pm PT / May 16  12:14am ET at 25° Scorpio in a square to Saturn

Visible over most of the Americas but this astrologer, Vedically informed, advises not watching eclipses and instead staying out of their light until they are over. Of course, your mileage may vary!


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