April 2022 Astrology Forecast

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April features some of the most significant astrology of the year. There is a lot of pretty significant astrology this year, – the Mars retrograde in the second half, Jupiter changing signs in the middle of the year (like he just can’t wait to get into Aries), the eclipses in fixed signs that activate the epochal Saturn Uranus square, which is still in play.

But April features the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is not rare, but not frequent. It happens every 40 years or so, but the pair’s meeting in Pisces hasn’t happened in Pisces since 1856.

On a personal and collective level, Jupiter and Neptune in combination in Pisces raise the following themes:

  • Collective emotion, collective sympathy, the momentum of a mood or feeling on a masse scale

  • The influence of collective thought forms

  • Dreams, visions, fantasies, desires

  • Illusions that seem beneficial

  • Mystical experiences

  • Escape from the mundane

  • A burst bubble, deflated dream, disintegration of a vision

  • Powerful, profound intuition

  • Expansive awareness

  • The promise of a savior, the ultimate freedom of liberation

  • Soul level freedom

  • Adventure, beauty, grandeur of travel and foreign lands

  • Mysticism, magic, and things not of this realm


The last time Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct was in July and December of 2009. During July 2009, there was a public memorial service for Michael Jackson. In December 2009, Avatar was released in theaters, a grand imaginative visionary cinematic production that was partly about the destruction of a beautiful off world alien planet and the way of life of its inhabitants.

While the qualities of this conjunction strongly color April, its influence really spans the whole of the year. Jupiter will be moving in and out of the end of Pisces through the end of the year, and Neptune is a slow moving planet, making this a motif that drapes itself over all of 2022.

April’s astrology in general features a couple of thematic swings. Early in the month, Mars and Saturn are conjunct, and remain co-present in Aquarius through mid April. This can be a harsh energy that can feel harrowing, applies pressure, and is a very “cutting” energy, meaning there may be some difficult decisions about things coming to an end.

But after mid April and through the end of the month there is some truly brilliant astrology. Jupiter, the planetary pantheons’ blessings dealer, is in great shape in Pisces, with the power and ability to open doors, create cohesion, and offer upliftment. Venus is in Pisces from April 5th, bringing her own brand of blessings to all Venusian topics, and to the Pisces part of all of our charts. These two planets together in the same sign are balm for the very Saturnian first quarter of the year. Make the best of it by thinking in more expansive ways for yourself and others, praying more for others, praying more for world peace, setting your sights and your most closely held dreams and actually going for them. (When Jupiter enters Aries and Mars follows in May – action really picks up – but make sure to dream first – dreaming lays down the foundation in the astral).

In the meantime, at the time of this writing, Mars is approaching an exact meeting with Saturn. The keyword there is discipline…. Not flashy, not fun, but it gets results…. But if its tough and you have to fall apart (so much Pisces energy is about disintegration), there’s plenty to escape into. But know that the other side of whatever you’re going through exists! And is waiting for you. Lots of love…. <3


New Moons and Full Moons

  • April 1: New Moon at 11 degrees Aries, April 1, 2:24 AM ET / 11:24 PM PT March 31
  • April 16: Full Moon at 26 degrees Libra, 2:55 PM ET / 11:55 AM PT
  • April 30: New Moon at 10 degrees Taurus, SOLAR ECLIPSE, 4:28 PM ET / 1:28 PM PT

Planets Changing Signs

  • April 5: Venus enters Pisces
  • April 10: Mercury enters Taurus

  • April 14: Mars enters Pisces

  • April 19: Sun enters Taurus

  • April 29: Mercury enters Gemini

Planetary Aspects

April 1: New Moon at 11 degrees Aries, April 1, 2:24 AM ET / 11:24 PM PT March 31

April 2: Mercury Cazimi 12 degrees Aries

April 4: Mars conjunct Saturn 22 degrees Aquarius – Click here to read my IG post on this – I haven’t had time to put it on my site yet!

April 5: Venus enters Pisces

April 7: Mercury sextile Saturn – Communications have weight and focus and concentration is easy to access.

April 8: Mercury sextile Mars – Quick thinking, quick wit, quick communication. But be careful about being too forceful.

April 8-17: Jupiter conjunct Neptune – See description above!

April 10: Mercury enters Taurus

April 12: Sun in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius – This is like the crescent moon aspect for Saturn. The first energetic thrust of Saturn’s cycle since its rebirth (cazimi) is apparent in some way today. Look to structures, long term plans, and your Aquarius house for where this is starting to shape up.

April 16: Full Moon at 26 degrees Libra, 2:55 PM ET / 11:55 AM PT

April 17: Mercury in Taurus sextile Venus in Pisces – a nice day to have a pleasant conversation. Minds and hearts more easily connect

April 17: Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus

April 23: Mercury square Saturn – Sometimes people want to say no. Be careful about going down a negative spiral. A no turns into a yes in a few days. Let it ride, direct attention elsewhere, or think about how to make a window where there are no doors.

April 24: Eclipse season begins – A time of more accelerated change inwardly and outwardly, especially if the eclipses touch sensitive points in your chart.

April 26: Mercury sextile Jupiter: A good day for seeing the bigger picture, getting on the same wavelength with others

April 26 – Moon is transiting the sign where Venus and Jupiter are already in excellent condition. Luna is bonified from the latter part of today into early on the 27th, passing from the arms of Venus to the arms of Jupiter. It’s a complete Pisces party – a lot of emphasis in the Pisces part of all our charts, in other words. And we’ll feel it. Sometimes it feels a bit like being waterlogged for airy and fiery types. But this is some of the best astro of the month, here on this day.

April 27: Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: Conversation, thoughts, and other communication easily goes deep and can be cathartic today. People are more open to connecting at a deeper level. A great day for those kinds of talks, journaling, therapy, or accessing something more profound either by yourself or with someone else.

April 29: Mercury into Gemini – It’s time to get smart, connect with others, and share what we know.

April 29: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces – Ultimate cosmic blessing. This is a beautiful day to meditate on auspiciousness, your own path, a bigger dream or more expansive vision for yourself and your life. Connect to the divine or the angelic realms. Make a big wish. Write it down. Put it on your altar and meditate on it frequently.

April 30: April 30: New Moon at 10 degrees Taurus, SOLAR ECLIPSE, 4:28 PM ET / 1:28 PM PT

Image: Sea and Clouds by William Blake Richmond 

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