Planet from space. Elemeents of this image are furhished by NASA

Venus sextile Saturn comes nestled in the middle of a week that features a lot of beneficial astrology. The sextile is a flowing aspect that can strengthen Venusian significations.

If Saturn gives Venus its strength, what happens? Love becomes stronger, relationships are solid, expectations and commitments are clearly defined. Saturn steadies Venus inclination toward affection, connection, and friendliness. This aspect is wonderful for steadying current commitments or building new ones.

Saturn adds the quality of reliability over time, and creates a long-term quality to commitments that are made now. While Venus in an opposition or square to Saturn would add more challenging themes to this interpretation, the sextile of this aspect and the fact that Saturn is in its own sign makes this a more beneficial connection.

I love this aspect for artists, and many great artists have Venus and Saturn in aspect. They are able to bring inspiration from the creative realms into form on earth.

This aspect is exact on Wednesday October 13, 2021.

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