An illustration for the “Martinique Triton” from The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure, vol. XXIX (1761) (PD)

As of this writing in late September, 2021, Mars is at 9 degrees of tropical Libra. The Sun is inching up to Mars, and is currently moving through the 7th degree (aka 6 degrees) of tropical Libra.

So this is a very special alignment and we should note two things:

  1. Mars is behind the Sun’s rays in a condition known as combustion. Mars is invisible.
  2. Mars is at the end of its synodic cycle. It is currently being swallowed up by the fires of the Sun. Soon it will reach the hallowed center of the Sun where it will be exalted, favored, purified, and reborn.

Practically speaking, this process can be applied to the part of your natal chart that contains Libra. In this part of the chart, and in some part of the life – you may be aware of the sunsetting of some experience, some behavior, some circumstance or situation, even some person.

If this applies to your experience, the end of the *thing* may take some time to eventuate. Now is about the cognition/awareness of the ending of the thing. But as always, I am very much interested in how the astrology is actually showing up in real life, so if you see this alignment unfolding in your life please do leave a comment!

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