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Mars Ruled Profection Years:

  • Are often quite busy
  • Sometimes very physical
  • Can be very demanding
  • A lot of different threads can come together in these years, which all require maintenance
  • In other words people often have a lot of balls in the air
  • Their quality and experience is very much determined by the sect of the chart and Mars’ condition in the chart, plus a few other factors including what Mars is doing in the solar return chart for that year.

Tips for assessing Mars Ruled Profection Years: 

  • Observe the sect of your chart – day or night? 
  • Observe the sign and house of Mars in the natal chart
  • Observe the modality of Mars in the natal chart.
  • Observe its aspects in the natal chart
  • Observe Mars in the solar return of the year in question
  • Observe transiting Mars of the year in question…is it going retrograde that year? Which houses will it be transiting natally, and what aspects will it be making? 
  • Observe transits to natal Mars over the course of the year

When the year (birthday to birthday) is almost over:

  • Breathe
  • Reward yourself for everything you experienced or accomplished or simply got through over the course of the year.
  • If you’re wrapping up a Scorpio ruled year — yay — a Jupiter ruled year is next!!! This is the best.
  • If you’re wrapping up an Aries ruled year — yay!! — a Venus ruled year is next!! This is often very nice. 

Since I learned about profections and started intentionally tracking them, I have had one Mars ruled profection year. I have Mars in a double bodied fire sign in a day chart. That year, Mars went retrograde in an angular house for me. It was an incredibly intense, busy, eventful, and physical year for me.  The Jupiter ruled year following it was a great reprieve that brought many blessings into my life. And I have observed this to be the case with friends and clients going through Mars ruled years — that by the time they are almost over, people are often really ready for a break! But these can also be years where a great deal of progress is made with a lot of momentum. Moves can happen during Mars years, and so can other major events — it is a planet of action activating a year of action.

Now I can’t say whether or not Mars years are better than Saturn years, which come one right after the other… sandwiched by Jupiter years…. I have about four or five months left in the second Saturn year in a row (with Mars squaring Saturn in my solar return). So I will think on it and include my assessment when I write about my Saturn ruled profection years for this blog! 

Have you been tracking your profections? I’d love to hear about it. 

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