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Understanding the sect of your chart is a great way to lay a foundation for understanding a birth chart using traditional astrology techniques. It adds layers and dimensions to the chart and its symbolic projection in your life in the form of the situations that comprise your life, as well your behavioral or psychological tendencies and those of other people. 

Sect is a concept from ancient astrology that completely hinges on the primacy of light. It takes whether a person was born during the day time or night time as a primary consideration in assessing the natal chart and the life of the person. Sect is determined by the Sun in the chart, and its location relative to the ascendant-descendant line. There is a day time team of planets, led by the Sun, and a night time team of planets, led by the Moon. The planets that belong to the team aligned with the sect of the chart have the likelihood of bringing more opportunity and fortunate circumstances through their auspices.The planets belonging to the contrary sect have a more limited capacity to bring about stable beneficial circumstances.

Just this simple observation of taking sect — the primary light at the time of day a person was born — into account when assessing a birth chart opens up a new dimension of what can be seen about a person’s life and character based on the birth chart. Someone born at high noon might have a life that is more focused on the outer world. Public life, career, travel, and friendships may be more important or prominent features of their lives. The Sun illuminates our world and represents the power of the intellect. Someone born at midnight might naturally be more of a homebody, more inclined toward privacy or inward reflectiveness, or focused primarily on home, family, children, or their own inner workings. The Moon represents the physical body and the emotional body and intuition. Knowing the sect can help you assess which of these two qualities are more prevalent in your life ( to say nothing of how you feel about it!)

Keep an Eye on Those Out of Sect Malefics, To Use the Parlance

One of the most useful parts about understanding the diurnal and nocturnal sect of the chart and its planetary teams is having access to a layer information we would not necessarily have if we didn’t take sect into account. Sect allows us to see which malefic planet is more likely to be associated with more difficult features of life, and which benefic planet is most likely to provide more positive experiences and blessings of life. 

The day time team of planets, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn have the most beneficial expressions in day charts. Saturn is the most challenging planet on that team, but the warmth of the Sun tempers Saturn’s icy cold nature, and that in turn can make the experience of the Saturn principle in life a bit less harsh, and perhaps more supportive ultimately. Jupiter is the planet of the sect that brings the blessings. Jupiter loves the bravado and life of the light of day and, while beneficial in any sect, has a more beneficial quality in day charts. 

But during the day Mars becomes the troublemaker planet that is out of sect, and being a hot planet already, gets its heat amplified and exacerbated by the heat of the day time. This can show up as situations that are more unstable, inconsistent, or problematic in the house where natal Mars is located or in the houses it rules. 

The night time team of planets, the Moon, Venus, and Mars function more optimally in night charts. The benefic of the sect, Venus, gives more harmony in the house she is in and the houses she rules. She can give a gift for the arts, beauty, friendship, and any inner or outer experience that creates connection or harmony. In a night time chart, Saturn can be a more problematic planet that describes blocks or a more difficult experience in the house it is in and the houses it rules. 

Hands-On Astrology

Apply this information: Were you born during the day or night? Is the Sun or Moon the ruler of the planetary team of the sect of your chart? Note which houses and signs the planetary team of your chart’s sect are in and what aspects they make in the chart.

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