The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place at 1 degree of Aquarius on July 23, 2021 at 7:36pm PT

I really like the Vedic view of this Full Moon, acknowledging that it is Guru Purnima, the Full Moon of the Guru, when the radiance of the realized Masters is very readily present on earth, and we can easily seek their blessings and glean their wisdom. Spiritual practice is very powerful now, and especially honoring the Guru, the one who dispels darkness, the teacher, is called for during this time. Because when we honor our genuine teachers in this life, we are honoring the lineage of teachers they come from, and that can be traced all the way back to the root Guru, the first Guru, the Adi Guru.

I am aware that the word guru is a term that has negative associations for many people. I acknowledge that some self-styled gurus have abused their position of trust. 

There are true gurus out there, not just in the flesh, but even (and especially) in the subtle planes and realms, and they are precious treasures, available for us to access if we choose. Paramahansa Yogananda is such a one that is no longer in the body, but that is very much present and can be called upon. 

In tropical, western astrology, this Full Moon is in Aquarius. It is a Saturn ruled lunation, when things are more likely going to go the way of the established rules. With a Jupiter ruled Moon, circumstances can conspire so that there is some leniency or leeway, but during Saturn ruled Moons, people are more likely to go by the book. 

Saturn-tinged lunations can also be about a limitation that reaches a head, a structure that congeals or reveals itself, have something to do with the topic of authority, or have to do with endings and completions.

Aquarius is a very intuitive sign, with a propensity for a sensitive nervous system. This is a great time for meditations, retreats, turning inward as the inner worlds may be more amplified, and the ability to concentrate more enhanced by Saturn’s steadying effect on Aquarius’ airy heights. Any advanced/ancient modalities that open up the spiritual aperture can be powerful now too.

This Full Moon also perfects in the early degrees of Aquarius, with its radiance near enough to Pluto in the neighboring sign to pull in some of those themes. In a recent post about Pluto I noted how, in relational dynamics, it’s so easy to get triggered by Pluto situations or Pluto people. This is a time when Plutonian dynamics can actually be amplified – power struggles, and even the more negative manifestations of that line of energy.

In situations where there more readily is a choice and possibility (for example outside of situations of extreme domination and control – sorry to mention that but it’s a reality for many people) – it behooves us to see how we are the source of the external narrative and ask how we can begin to shift that. 

This Full Moon is also connected to the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 of this year. Whatever seeds were sown then may be coming to fruit now.

Overall, while being mindful of the potential weightier undertones of this Full Moon, it is a beautiful, scintillating, and subtle Guru Purnima lunation. It is a time to honor and have gratitude for the teachers who have advanced us with their dedication and devotion to us, and a time to connect to the infinite lineage that can help us reach the higher goals in life.   Every Full Moon is a great time to meditate, especially during the exact moment of the Full Moon (see the time at the top of this post), and this one even more so.

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