The Sun in Cancer is building to an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. It will be exact on Sunday July 17 at 25 degrees Cancer.

The way we experience the principles associated with this aspect, transformation, growth, empowerment, otherworldly energy flow, rapid shedding of old identities or behaviors — can have to do in large part with how much awareness we have or can practice in the moment with respect to topics, people, and situations that can be particularly triggering for us on an individual basis. 

This aspect can be associated with normally hidden features of our personality or our intellect or approach to life bubbling to the surface. These features can of course be triggered by an outside event, especially if there is an element of power involved. 

But the other side of power-plays, especially where it has to do with feelings of powerlessness, is ownership. We should remember that ultimately we are the source of the narrative of our lives. Situations happen for us to use them for our growth and evolution.

There is the possibility that Pluto transits are accompanied by health issues that are out of our control.

But if there is a recurring problem or issue or confrontation saturated in the theme of power-play or negative energy dynamic, we can ask ourselves, what is this situation telling me about how I can take control of shifting this? How can I shift this dynamic by going inward and reflecting on the situation and my role in it? How can I take a mature approach to changing this situation, rather than giving in to my instinct to react emotionally? Can I distance myself from the narrative my mind and emotions are stirring up and get some perspective on this situation?  What would I prefer be happening or to be experiencing? How can I play a role in changing the situation? What can I do? Not, how do I feel victimised by this situation, but what can I do to change this situation?

This is actually a phenomenal aspect for personal growth and heightened awareness around our own patterns and behavioral tendencies/intellectual tendencies, because the Plutonian principle as an ultra-intelligent mechanism that perfectly hones in on any places we are not acknowledging are sluggish and require the movement of irrigation with our attention, awareness, and effort.

Doing this can lead to catharsis. Getting to the point of obsession with something that needs to change and doggedly taking actions to transform a situation until you actually see a change leads to a spiritual kind of tension release, and, yes, personal empowerment. 

There is nothing more empowering than taking responsibility for our own inner world, and our habits of behavior and thought. It’s also empowering to take responsibility for changing a situation that is no longer in alignment with personal values, or that we have grown out of. Honestly if we take the habitual nature of the situation out of it, or just our emotional attachment to it, and take a look at the situation clearly and honestly, we can assess it. Have I outgrown this? Is this something I’d like to continue to experience? Is this something I can walk away from? If I can’t walk away just now, is there a way I can modify my behavior to shift the situation? Is there another way I can improve it so that it is more in alignment with what I would prefer to experience?

We can explore if and how we can be the impetus for a situation to change to better suit our needs or deeply held and thoroughly considered desires.

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