Four Facts About the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

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Gentile de Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi. 1423.

* Jupiter and Saturn Conjoin in 20 year intervals

Jupiter and Saturn come together in a conjunction every twenty years. For two hundred years, these conjunctions typically happen in the same element (But there is some variance. For example the conjunctions can happen continuously in a fire sign for 75 years, but there will be three continuous conjunctions that happen in an earth sign.). At the end of two hundred years, a new element (fire, earth, air, water) becomes the active place of the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions.

* Jupiter Saturn conjunctions Show Broader Social Themes

The elemental shifts shown by the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions can be traced to the timelines and themes of broader social changes. These conjunctions have been a primary tool in historical astrology because they divide history into meaningful periods. Research into these periods show themes that are woven through 200 year eras. Interpreting the eras can be done by the element or modality of the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions, as well as linking them to other important charts, like those of the cardinal ingresses (seasonal changes), eclipse charts, or even charts of important social, political, or historical figures.

* Mean vs. True Conjunction

There are two kinds of conjunctions: a mean conjunction is based on a planet’s idealized position at a constant speed that is described by the center of its epicycle.The true conjunction is based on how the planetary bodies appear to us – what we look for when we look at a chart (but not necessarily in the sky). So the mean conjunction for this Jupiter Saturn event happened in mid September 2020, and the true conjunction happened on December 21, 2020.

* Element Shift from Earth to Air

The last time Jupiter and Saturn made an elemental shift from Earth to Air was 800 years ago. With this shift into a 200 year era of air sign Jupiter Saturn conjunctions, we can expect to see a shift or evolution within earth themes:

* Material concerns
* Currencies and economies
* Security and defense
* Corporate emphasis
* Rigid social class structures

To air themes:

* Information
* Humanity
* Data and its meaning
* Advanced artificial technologies
* Inventions
* Imagination and Visualization
* The well being of the air
* Sciences
* Languages
* Law

I take a watercolor approach to mapping the timeline of transformation. In many if not most cases I think it’s fair to say that a change happens gradually over time or as a result of a series of events, rather than in one fell swoop (though that definitely happens too).


Some astronomers theorize that this conjunction was ostensibly the Star of Bethlehem that alerted the three Magi that something very special had occurred. That is one theory, and there are others that point to different astronomical events.

In any case, just as I would see Uranus moving over an individual’s Moon as a sign (maybe of home life in flux), I see the Jupiter Saturn conjunction like a very significant sign. Does it mean we’ve entered the “age of Aquarius” — I am automatically skeptical about using these popular phrases, because we they become so broad we don’t know what they mean anymore. What I can say is we should look to both air element and Aquarian themes joined with the spirit of our particular unique historical moment to get a sense of what this conjunction heralds.

Rather than looking to an individual messiah, we might be called to save ourselves, save the earth, consider the themes of our common humanity, be more discerning and discriminating intellectually, and think of how we can actually use all the advancement that we have in this current era to distribute the wealth of basic dignity, peace, and well-being to all of humanity.

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