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As I shared in the previous post, Mars and Saturn energies are among the most predominant astrological features of the next six or so months.

Yesterday’s Moon in Aries joined with Mars in the sign by degree, physicalizing and activating that Mars-Saturn narrative. Whenever the Moon moves over a planet, particularly by conjunction, but any major aspect will do, the expression of that planet is often given physical form or a very apparent expression at the time of the connection.

Saturn and Mars together represent the extremes of the planets. Saturn is extremely cold, Mars is extremely hot. Extrapolating from that symbolism, Saturn and Mars waves can signify the extremes of human experience.

The upcoming week looks pretty gnarly astrologically. Mars in Aries is closing in on an exact application to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn by a square.

This can point to a situation or experience where people are under pressure, potentially feel depressive, or feel like they’ve run out of options and are battling uphill. The thing to remember is that this is a protracted battle and this is the opening act. Mars will make these aspects twice more over the next several months. So practicing restraint, and, as a friend put it, disciplined action, is a way to move more gracefully through these energy waves undulating inside and around us.

There may be a lifeline or help (Saturn receiving Mars, Jupiter copresent in Capricorn), but it looks meager, not quite satisfactory, or involves a lot of effort for not a lot of gain — potentially.

Different people will experience these energies differently based on a number of factors. Whether an individual has a day or night chart, life circumstances, the configuration of these planets in the natal chart, which karmas are ripe at this moment in their lives, inner disposition, propensity toward hot Marsy feelings like impulsive action or anger, or toward cold Saturn feelings like feeling defeated or depressed.

So disciplined action can mean acknowledging these energies in advance and proactively generating your own response to what is happening. This could take the form of committing to practices that eradicate and mitigate negative energy bring positive energy and momentum into one’s sphere and into the world.

That can look like starting the day with intention to have a peaceful day, a commitment to a gratitude practice, mantra practice, prayer, not traveling unnecessarily, driving defensively on the roadways when it’s necessary to travel, giving folx the benefit of the doubt where possible, calling and checking on people who may not be mentally or otherwise in as good or strong a place, being the benefactor if you are in a position to, or just praying for us all or sending out your good wishes and hopes for the world like a radio antennae.

Strategic planning is beneficial and can also look very practical on the material level. Capricorn energy is saturating the skies, and taking care of the practicalities is what this sign is about. Taking care of your economics, having a support network in place, having the proper nourishment and nutrients, having a good balance between self care and service to our pained world, and in general selecting to take a strategically planned pace up your particular mountain. You could sprint the whole thing in a rush of adrenaline but then where would you be?

The timeline for the short term Mars-Saturn Pluto spat is fluid. Although there is an exact day aspect is exact, the energy builds like a crescendo and wanes in a similar way. But there is a background drumbeat of these colossi of forces interacting with one another for the medium term future. Note that it’s not forever, but it’s a significant amount of time. We’re about hope here — and knowing that there is a fading or an end point generates hope (and intelligence – because we act deliberately supported by knowledge).

Mars Aspects to Capricorn Planets Dates:

Mars square Pluto retrograde #1 at 23 degrees Aries and Capricorn: Late August 12 early August 13 East Coast time.

Mars square Saturn retrograde # 1 at 26 degrees of Aries and Capricorn: August 24, 2020

Mars retrograde square Saturn direct #2 at 25 degrees Aries and Capricorn: September 29, 2020

Mars retrograde square Pluto direct #2 at 22 degrees of Aries and Capricorn: October 9, 2020

Mars direct square Pluto direct #3, at 23 degrees of Aries and Capricorn: December 23, 2020

Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius, at 3 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius: January 13, 2021

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