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Keeping a lunar journal is about more than just tracking the Moon. It is a gateway to a bigger world of astrological understanding. Keeping a lunar journal will show you:

* How planetary activations show up in ways that are specific to you

* How your own responses to planetary activities shift over time

* How you experience planetary transits. What happens when the Moon moves through your natal Moon sign? What happens in your life when the Moon moves through your natal Sun sign?

The lunar cycle is also mirrored in the other planets’ relationships to the Sun. Every month, there is the New Moon and Full Moon, as well as the two quarter Moon points. Similarly, the classical planets also undergo a corresponding cycle of experience.

A recent example is Jupiter’s most recent angular relationships with the Sun. Most recently, while the Sun was in Pisces, it created Jupiter’s “first quarter” aspect.  Notably, while this was happening, Mercury was also retrograde, in the heart of the Sun. So, the first quarter aspect featured a very pronounced *articulation* of Jupiter’s first quarter moment.

So what was that first quarter moment about? For guidance, we can consider what the first quarter of the lunar cycle is about.

The first quarter of every lunar cycle, which happens every month, is about noticeable development. Some situation visibly, tangibly moves forward, or develops in some way. There is not typically any question or doubt about it. The first quarter, related to the 90 degree square aspect, is an active development point.

Consider, in the past two or three weeks, was there a noticeable push toward growth, expansive movement, or greater understanding in your life? Even amidst the Pisces emotional saturation (some of us may call it being waterlogged….)?

If so, what was that push? What was that development? How did that show up for you? What did it MEAN for you? How did you participate in effecting it?

Now let’s take into account that Mercury was retrograde at the moment and almost to the precise degree of that first quarter square for Jupiter. We are now far enough away from that moment to get a good sense of perspective. And Mercury has stationed direct. So we are in a good place for review.

Even though there may have been a noticeable development toward growth, expansion, or understanding, do you now or did you then (not legally interrogating you I promise), realize that there was something about it that was unknowable at the time… but now you can fill in the missing details. Is there now information available that was not available then? Was there perhaps an overshooting or an overconfidence related to that developmental push, that you can now make an adjustment on, as new information rolls in?

Ok. Think about that.  Soon the Sun and Jupiter will move into a trine aspect, mimicking the Moon’s trine aspect with the Sun in its lunar cycle. And this will be another opportunity to track circumstances related to Jupiter’s cycle for about as long as it is in Sagittarius. (That’s just how the cycle synced up this year!)

Doing that exercise and review for Jupiter’s cycle has its roots in the movements and meaning of lunar cycle.

And there is so much more in astrology that dedicated tracking and deep understanding of the lunar cycle will give you the strong foundation for understanding.

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