Lunar Journaling E-Course — An Online Course for Tracking the Moon’s Rhythms

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Lunar Journaling E-Course

An Online Course for Tracking the Moon’s Rhythms (and becoming a better astrologer!)


Track the Moon’s rhythms so you can understand what the lunar cycle means for you, while developing your intuition in conjunction with your astrological powers of observation and interpretation.

This e-course comprises a detailed guide to following the visual lunar cycle and understanding its astrological meaning.

More than that, this course encourages you to generate your own observations, and discern your own meanings. In this way, you go beyond passively consuming information to actively engaging your intuition and astrological knowledge. Then you translate that to verbal communication. This process is very simple and very empowering, once you get the basic mechanics down. I will teach you how.

What’s Included

  •  Six Video Modules:

Module 1: The Meaning, Function and Expressions of the Astrological Moon

Module 2: The Lunar Cycle and its Astrological Meaning

Module 3: How to Track the Lunar Cycle

Module 5: Eclipses and Their Impact on the Lunar Cycle

Module 4: The Moon’s Movement Through the Signs of the Zodiac

Module 6: The Moon and the Natal Chart

  • PDF of all slides included in the modules.

  • Tools and Resources Guide

  • Bonus template for your own Lunar Journal that you can use to begin tracking and inquiring into the Moon’s cycle astrologically.

  • All materials will be downloadable, and delivered via e-mail, via dropbox links.

Release Date — Friday April 12th at 6pm ET

This course presents material on the Moon in light of ancient wisdom and modern influences. In my own studies, I bring the force of both approaches to astrology to bear on my interpretations. This course includes research from the rich history of astrology, as well as information from modern developments, so you have the benefit of being able to weave both threads into your own observations, understanding, and journaling.  I also include references so that you can go deeper with your own research if you wish.




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Hi, I’m Ichrak! (Pronounced eeshrock). I have been studying astrology since 2009, and practicing astrology professionally since 2014. As a Capricorn, I can tell you that it felt really good to type that today, in 2019. Getting years and experience under one’s belt feels great for Cap!

I created this course because I kept hearing from people that they wanted an organized way to learn astrology. They were reading and consuming a lot of astrological information from different sources, and it was difficult for them to know where to begin with a more serious study.

Tracking the Moon’s cycle is a phenomenal way to lay a foundation for a deeper understanding of astrology. A dedicated 3-month, 6-month, year-long, or years-long practice of tracking the Moon sets you up for more complex and nuanced, and fuller study of astrology.

I also want to empower people to listen to themselves and be their own authority. Learning from others and receiving confirmation from outside is great, but I believe that we all know what is best for us individually. Developing a relationship with one’s intuition in conjunction with tracking the Moon’s cycle is a beautiful path to opening a direct line to the communications of the planets. And creates a practice of trusting your own inner wisdom first and foremost.  So that is a major facet of the experience I want people to have when they learn the material and engage in the practices of this course.


Thank you for a deeply comprehensive tour of such a complex subject: the workbook is an excellent tool & you led us through it with great clarity and authority. I get it!! It answered so many of my questions. ~ H.C.

When Ichrak offered an annual reading with profections I jumped at the opportunity because I’m on the threshold of several big changes in my life. And what a gift that reading is! It’s *exactly* what I was hoping for, all structured in such a clear, fluid way that made deep sense to me – it landed, as though on a cellular level. Ichrak took me through the main themes of the year ahead and offered fascinating information that I’ve never heard elsewhere, all personally relevant to me, delivered with insight and humour. One of the things I love most is the advice and action steps she outlines to maximize opportunities or work through challenges. I will be listening to this gem of a recording again and again. Highly recommended.

Nadine Prada, Artist & Art Director,

I’m fulfilling an intention of giving myself more attention this year, and have listened to your generous illumination several times to take notes and plug into my 2019 calendar the remediations that you suggest. Thank you for mapping out the profection of the year, looking into my solar return and going into nitty gritty through the transits in my chart. Your readings have always been cutting – hitting the bull’s eye as you aim and remain true. I trust your work deeply, and I am so grateful of connecting with you from my side of the world!

S.P., Phillipines, Earth