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On Friday February 16th I will be holding a free interactive live workshop on how to track eclipse effects in your life.

We will explore the experiences that emerge during eclipse seasons, which can come about up to 3 times per year for about a month each time, with effects that unfold for months or years afterward.

Most importantly, we will look at some of the eclipse cycles of the past few years (and the cycles they link to), and learn to track, in our own natal charts, if the eclipse contacted a sensitive point in our chart, how to discover what it means, and ask questions about what unfolded in our lives in the areas of life touched by the eclipse in the following months and years.

This is a super hands on workshop intended for beginner – intermediate levels of the astro interested. Definitely bring or draw up your accurate chart data because we will be working directly with the charts you bring to class.

Date and Time: Friday February 16th at 1pm Eastern Time

Hosting format: Zoom

Sign up by clicking here

See you there!


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