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Every once in a while Sabrina of Monarch Astrology and I get together and chat. The past few times have found us both circling around to singing the praises of the mechanics and operating philosophies of the sign Aquarius. I have often jokingly said that Aquarius is an objectively great sign, and I think it would be tough to disagree with that.

So when the Sun entered Aquarius it came to me in Aqua style epiphany to do a podcast with Sabrina on why exactly we think that’s the case.

In this hour long episode Sabrina and I, coming from different astrological backgrounds — she from evolutionary astrology and myself from a mix of the modern archetypal and traditional camp, — talk the ins and outs of Aquarius. We cover a good bit of ground. I hope you’ll enjoy it and let us know your feedback in the comments.

P.s. If you’re not an Aquarius, but you have been ghosted by one, this episode might help you to understand their inner workings in a fuller way. Aquarius most likely thinks you’re great, it’s just that they often need the rarefied air and the spaciousness of their own company to do what they do best.


Aquarius from Bonnati’s Liber Astronomiae

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