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Eclipse Tips For Those Who Appreciate Sanity

A list of poignant tips and available energy for you to tap into this eclipse season, so you can live better.

1. Create a plan for personal support when it comes to relating to political developments. 

These can include a plan to take action, a plan for self care amongst taking action, joining a movement that aligns with your political views, or taking action locally.

2. Beware of going to extremes.

When it comes to emotional temperament, responding to changing situations, creating change, operational timelines, expectations of self and others. It helps to be deliberate about being moderate at this time.

3. Keep a salt lamp near your desktops and laptops, and use headphones rather than holding a cell phone to your head. 

4. Check up on loved ones with mental challenges, and be aware of any heightened tendency for mental or emotional distress in yourself.

Prepare a self care plan, alert friends and allies you can rely on, and call to check up on those who may need the connection.

5. Build independence and time for diving into self discovery into your days or weeks. 

A great way to do this is by communing with pure nature.

6. Funnel the heightened creativity available now into artistic projects or personal expression.

Especially those that are inventive, “advanced”, have to do with advancing humanity, or involve futuristic modes of expression. Allow room for exploring unusual avenues and drawing from unexpected sources.

These effects are felt most poignantly from now through the end of August. Their duration can be much longer. The August eclipses are on the 7th and 21st of the month.

Sabrina Monarch and I are giving a 2 hour eclipse webinar on July 20th that explores the themes of this eclipse season at length. Purchase tickets by clicking here.


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