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A list of poignant tips and available energy for you to tap into this eclipse season, so you can live better.

1. Have Fun!
Do together what you find fun and playful. Do what brings out the child in you both. Relieve the built up heat, and any stress or emotional intensity of the season through active, body centered and joyful activities.
2. Dress yourself well, and go out
Channel the Leo fire of these times by putting on your best and going out for a fun time together. Music, theatre, movies, dance recitals, comedy, and any form of entertainment are a great way to pull in the Leo. By adorning yourself in a way that suits you, you infuse brightness into your energetic space and attract the qualities of love into your relationship while make constructive use of the available energy.
3. Do something charitable for others together
Volunteering, helping out at a food bank, giving food at a soup kitchen, and offering your expertise, time, or skills to a cause that is dear to both of your hearts taps into the Aquarian energy present at this time. It’s good news for your individual hearts, your communities, and your spiritual life. And it is a beautiful way to grow and deepen your love together.
4. Give your partner just what they love
You know best how they love to be loved and what makes them feel adored. The Leo vibes encourage showing them off, offering authentic praise, and doing something demonstrative to show your affection. Your intimacy with them will guide you to unique ways to make this special for them.
5. Let them be brand new
We are all going through a slow process of transformation this eclipse season. Change is happening for each of us, somewhere in our lives. An old form is dying away and a new form is slowly, slowly being born. It is a season of slow and tender shedding and beginning. This is a process that takes time, so be patient with yourself and communicative about what is going on for you. Extend to them that same consideration.
These effects are felt most poignantly from now through the end of August. Their duration can be much longer. The August eclipses are on the 7th and 21st of the month.
 Sabrina Monarch and I are giving a 2 hour eclipse webinar on July 20th that explores the themes of this eclipse season at length. Tickets are available for purchase by clicking here. 

Stay tuned for my next post in this series coming tomorrow, Eclipse Tips for Those Who Appreciate Sanity.



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