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Full Moon at 18 Sagittarius 53 – June 9, 2017 9:10 AM ET
Jupiter Direct 13 Libra 13 – June 9, 2017 10:02 AM ET
Sun opposite Saturn (Saturn retrograde midpoint): June 15, 2017 – 24 degrees Gemini -Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius represents a turning point. Its journey to fullness over this lunar cycle growth reflects an enthusiasm infused into earthly affairs, yet the configurations surrounding this Full Moon come with several messages to heed.

Respect Reality

The Full Moon ushers in the Saturn retrograde midpoint about a week before it is exact. This is a time period that brings in the second stage of growth that was initiated during the first part of Saturn’s retrograde cycle this year.

While the first part of the cycle is characterized by inwardness, awareness of cracks in necessary and meaningful structures/relationships/behaviors, and possible resistance to moving forward with the changes being summoned, the second act of Saturn’s retrograde passage brings clarity.

This moment in Saturn’s retrograde cycle is part and parcel of this Full Moon, and it is highlighted strongly and boldly by the emotional body. The structures that need change are clear. The important message of this midpoint is the light shining on the road, route, and means by which those changes are to take place.

With Jupiter ruling this Moon and going direct at the same time in a helpful sextile angle to the Full Moon, there is support for these changes. There is no better support than Jupiter for his influence is vast, generous, and beneficial.

However, with Saturn so close to the Full Moon, a major caveat to the unhindered enjoyment of Jupiter’s blessings is to be sure to manage them appropriately. What Saturn grants is unrelenting clarity. In the light of the Full Moon and under Jupiter’s beneficent rays – honor this energy by being clear about the internal process happening within you over the past several months, be clear about what needs to change, be clear about the possible route(s) to change, and manage Jupiter’s blessings with a sense of gravity and responsibility. This will also serve you well as Jupiter begins to head for Scorpio and Saturn begins to head for Capricorn later this year.

The Truth Speaks For Itself

Sagittarius, for its everlasting optimism, buoyancy and joy is also the sign of embellishment and the blunt delivery. Often this sign signifies telling it like it is, with the outcome sometimes being that people with subtler sensitivities feel run-over by what to Sagittarius is simply straightforward and honest communication. Jupiter’s concurrent station direct in Libra speaks to softening the truth with consideration for others’ reality. It highlights the understanding that the truth speaks for itself, and measured, fully considered and deliberated delivery makes the truth look even better.

This Full Moon is a moment of synthesis. It is a time to pivot as the planets are doing and to survey the land. The astrology has not been better thus far this year. Coming into the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, we will be met by a very martial sky and a heavy duty eclipse in August. Take advantage of this still point to gather resources, draw the map, and plan to work the plan.

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