The image for this post is a screenshot of the album In The City by The Chromatics as the song I’m On Fire was playing. It is the most Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries song to ever do it. Use your best judgement with acting on romantic / pleasure/ aesthetic impulses as Uranus can stoke that fire.

This configuration also speaks to advanced Venusian modes of expression. This is an extraordinary Venus in Aries, all lit up.

Saturn retrograde is involved in this configuration, layering in meaning of something Venusian from the past,  underground, or a no or obstruction, or responsibility which is in the process of being re-worked over the course of Saturn’s retrograde. Remember Saturn’s retrograde midpoint is coming up in about 2 weeks.

Four degrees until Venus in Taurus. But who’s counting.

Venus has spent a very long time in Aries this year. Over the past 24-36 hours the Venus Rx story in your own life should have been given clear life and definition as Venus formed a trine to Saturn.

The conjunction to Uranus adds energy and  excitability to the mix, with a dash of novelty and independence, an advanced or unusual approach to relating and a sprinkling of getting TF out of dodge at first hint of fence. But again Saturn is involved, so patience & reflection are the best complementary strategies at this time with all things under the Venus’ gaze. Moves made now in romance, beauty, art, relating, willpower, shifting perception, and cultivating independence of any color are long lasting and consequential.

Venus in Aries completion of this year’s long Rx sojourn with this kind of bang is notable. It carries us into the future and gives us a new blueprint to give flesh and fresh life to as Venus enters her home sign.

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