Willy Pogany illustration from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries — 26 degrees — December / May / November

The energies of Saturn and Uranus can be brilliant energies combined together. Uranus’ futurism, indomitable will, and intuition applies itself into the grit and grime and demand of 3D reality and makes something that truly advances some segment of existence.

Meaningful structures are now being blasted by an element of compulsion to transform — structurally or via shifts in approach or perception.

The first of these aspects took place last December. This is when a new ideal was born and sought to be given form in physical reality. Since this is the second in a series of these aspects, we are in the middle phase of a continuous storyline. The best way to work with these kinds of continuous aspects is to note what emerges at each exact touch point and continue to actively and consciously integrate those messages into reality even when the exactness has faded — because it will be back you see.

The possible bewares to look out for with Saturn & Uranus together:

  • Changing the structure too rapidly or frequently for momentum to root in and take hold

  • Willfully rebelling against a status quo, the rightful rules, orderly procedures in order to hold on to a rigidly defined ideal

  • A spontaneous, hasty urge to overturn the status quo via subversion of the rightful rules

  • Freedom at all costs — even the cost of abolishing something carefully built up over time

Uranus grants vision and inspiration, or creates impulse, that arrives with the swiftness of intuition. Warp speed. But humans are born into time and space — not angelic beings or god-like deities.

Think of the immediacy of a screenwriter who receives an entire storyline, script, character profiles, plotline from beginning to end in an instant. To give it life in Saturn’s world of flesh and form, she then needs to write or record the vision and go through the process of breathing life into it. This takes time, effort and energy in the face of downward pressure – Saturn’s hallmarks, Saturn’s principles!

This is the time to embody the best of Aries – Uranus’ host sign for the next several months.  Know who you are and what you are about and to be in deeply in tune with your own self. Otherwise it’s too easy to get swept away into other people’s desires, or carried into the shark’s wave of Uranian impulse to reverse, flee, destroy or rebel for novelty or rebellion’s sake. Walk away from that breed of impulse and instead tap into the ability to crystallize the vision. (Although let it be said that some types of impulse and speed over following the rules are necessary and advantageous)

The feeling of spinning your wheels hard is another feeling that can come with Saturn and Uranus. Having somewhere to go and all the inspiration in the world and yet time and concrete considerations serve to hold back and drag down.

Remember that Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign, and Sagittarius is buoyed by the vision of a horizon. In other words – what’s your big picture? What’s your ultimate vision? Do you love it and breathe it and want it enough to come through the tedium of the feeling of resistance? Love it enough to sacrifice? To wait? To work? If not – what is it that you are willing to love and breathe and keep the candle of the vision lit for? That’s the pulse and it would be wise to pivot to go in that direction.


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