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Rapper and lyricist Logic, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, recently released his latest album Everybody, which climbed to the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 in the first week of its release. But the broader story of his rise to personal success in light of looking at his birth chart that is especially interesting.

Hall’s birth chart is exact to the minute because he gives the time of birth in the song “Take It Back” on his new album.

Take it way, way back to about 1990
Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, Maryland
7:36 a.m., where a biracial baby was born
To a black father and a white mother

An immediately interesting thing is Hall’s choice of nom de plume. With the Sun in the first house, the first meeting with Hall would be an encounter with who Hall actually is and who he is becoming. The name logic fits Saturn-ruled Aquarius aptly, as Aquarius is a systematic, clearheaded sign with a skill for creating order.


Logic 301.jpg

Logic’s chart features the South Node in Leo and North Node in Aquarius, squared by Pluto in Scorpio in the 10th house.

This is the signature of a soul that is carrying the memory of expressing personal power through performance, talent, putting on a show, entertainment, and a lively personal character. The square aspect, which is not a trine or sextile, creates tremendous energy, and indicates that Hall should wisely manage of the power that is yielded from sharing his considerable talent. Part of the way to do that is to funnel those skills through the Aquarius North Node, the call to growth in this lifetime.

Logic’s latest album and its associated motto —  equality for everybody regardless of race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation  — is fitting for the North Node in Aquarius. The Aquarius North Node expands the growth of the soul through consideration of the masses, creatively and especially with regard to social and political status and organization.

It funnels a humanitarian, political, futuristic streak into the life and is the path of soul growth for Hall in this lifetime. His Sun in Aquarius adds emphasis to the importance of this particular line of thinking as a goalpost for Hall’s creations. In the first house, these creations come through who his character and who he actually is.*

The Aquarius Sun pairs harmoniously with his Sagittarius Moon, astrologically and artistically. Where that Sag Moon might otherwise roam a bit too freely and loosely, with the lascivious and feral flavor of a centaur, its reflection of the Aquarius Sun gives Logic the elegance of order for his roaming, effusive inner world. Sagittarius also has to do with race and cultural issues, and the Moon here makes his home, past, background, and family center around the issue of race

A stellium in Capricorn reflects Hall’s relentless drive and ambition based on work ethic that produces actual tangible real-world, business-like results with the inspiration from the high flying placements of the Sun and Moon. This stellium is an excellent, if a bit challenging Saturnian-focused complement to the air and fire of his Moon.

A notable transit for a notable period in his career: When Logic signed to the big record label Def Jam, entailing access to much wider listenership, Saturn was transiting his 10th house — the  pinnacle of his chart. Saturn transiting the 10th house is the transit that either brings fruits or brings comeuppance to matters of career and profession. Logic worked since the age of 17 on his craft, maintaining in 2013 that to that day he had never been to a house party.


Def Jam Logic 301.jpg


The formative years of Logic’s upbringing included being surrounded by drugs, poverty and violence. They happened as Pluto was transiting his 11th house Moon and Mars. This brings in the elements of the encounter with the underworld, dangerous, shady situations – as well as giving him the experience to draw from that would later shape significant elements of his work.


*Whereas other charts might feature the Sun in the 2-12th houses, the Sun in the 1st house gives an especially immediate glimpse into the actual soul character of a person. Likewise, any planets in the first house will be the first thing one is introduced to about a person. A Mars in the first house person might be aggressive, or they might be introduced as a fighter. A Moon in the first house person may be introduced through the home or the land that they own, or that will be a major part of their character.

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