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Winsor McCay.

(“infinite jukethrob smoke…”). e.e. cummings. Mercury conjunct Uranus. Originality in expression.

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During the last leg of its retrograde through Taurus and Aries, Mercury remains in a long term conjunction to Uranus in Aries, stationing on May 3. Using a 2 -3 degree orb to note the connection of both planets to Saturn via the faster moving Mercury, Mercury is conjunct Uranus from April 23 – May 11.

May is an active month for Uranus, beginning with an immediate connection with Mercury and transitioning to a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius, and ending with a sextile from Mars in Gemini and a conjunction with Venus in Aries.

In its Promethean expression Uranus shows up as originality, innovation, rebelliousness, creativity, excitement, and unpredictability. In connection with the inner planets, it represents an opening of the potentialities of the symbolism of the planet it is in contact with.* In this case, Uranus’ unleashing effect frees Mercury’s realm of meaning from the 3-dimensonal restrictions of the Saturnian world of time, form and rules. Thus Mercury is able to give language, concept and expression to the Uranian liberation impulse. In Aries the mind infused with Uranian freedom values self-assertion, pioneering, a quick grasp of the overall situation and concurrent eagerness to move quickly.

Mercury is also connecting with Saturn by trine during its station. This suggests that the innovative modes of communication associated with re-creating the self, self-projection or relationship to self are developing within the context of adjusting a more enduring structure, mission, or plan that is undergoing a longer process of revisioning.

Uranus’ characteristic unorthodox tendencies are compounded by Mercury’s unusual state. And although Mercury is retrograde for 9 weeks out of the year, Mercury is doing something strange — moving backward and then pivoting in the sky —  at the point where it is closest to a planet noted for its tendency to produce liberating originality in thoughts, ideas, and people. There is a real impulse to build in a systematic means of walking off the prescribed path, pursuing something novel and pioneering, and banding together with like-minded others. There is a message about honoring the fire that is burning within by acknowledging and expressing it through a healthy love of self.

This is now a time to look to the future, and to the higher modes of knowing. Old forms must die for new ones to come into being, and that knowing requires the bravery to engage in a playful game of chess sitting across the table from fear. Dancing with unknowns, uncertainty, unpredictability invokes a special kind of courage but also creates a unique creativity in the act of listening for the music.


* Characterization by Richard Tarnas in Prometheus the Awakener, pp. 68.

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