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After the results of the 2016 American election came in, there were almost immediate calls for young people and ordinary citizens to run for public office. The pitch on exhortations to get into elected office in order to change it from the inside continue to rise in frequency.

I received one such exhortation in my e-mail inbox today:

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Why does this have to do with Pluto in Aquarius? Why not Pluto in Capricorn or even the upcoming, very soon, late 2017 get ready, Saturn in Capricorn transit?

It has to do all of those transits, because a lot happens between now and when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. And much has been happening and has yet to happen as Pluto has been in Capricorn. Without exaggeration, rare and powerful astrological configurations now provide the lead up to Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius is preceded 3 years prior by a Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in the sign. This is the first Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in an air sign in about 200 years, and it marks the beginning of a series of such conjunctions in air signs every 20 years to come, for another 200 or so years. Before that, there is the conservative leaning Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020.

When Pluto enters Aquarius  this heralds a period of sustained political transformation at a profound level. Whereas Pluto in Capricorn has largely been about the levers of government, the inner workings of global economic systems, the authorities out there, dark money, the secret powers in charge, Aquarius is about the people, the masses, and the 30,000 foot view. Saturn in Capricorn will encourage a healthy re-creation or bolstering of the relationship with the authority-in-here. Pluto in Aquarius weaves webs from the strength of that authority.

In one analysis, the change that occurs during Pluto’s transit through Aquarius can be as meaningful as the substance of the people themselves. Notice this is not about dictatorships or solo leaders, though they may be involved. This is about the primal bubbling emerging and overflowing from the camp of the masses. The effects of this transit are informed by the movements the people mobilize, the quality of the spirit of cooperation in their banding together, and the sense they make of the changes they want to bring forth. After the 2016 American election, the people found themselves embolden by Mars ride through the sign.

Numerologist Christine DeLorey has said that we are in the age of transparency, and it is becoming increasingly so. We come into contact with hundreds if not thousands of people a day just by riding a subway or using facebook, or sending out an e-mail blast or walking in a crowded city. This kind of ability to connect was unheard of just a century ago. We watch what our friends like, and with Venmo we have the ability to know what our friends have paid for and the comments they make on their purchases. When you come to this website via unencrypted web search, I know the keywords that brought you here. Through the data provided to me by my mailing list host, I know how many times you’ve opened the e-mail with the week’s astrology I’ve sent just you, which you can sign up for here.

Pluto in Aquarius also speaks to the different kinds of uses and potential misuses of access to such a wide database and network of connection. It takes careful thought and more than that – values that shape worldly actions – not to misuse that access. I’m reminded whenever I make a moral statement like that though, from several sectors, not to assume people’s values or motives. “Some people just want to watch the world burn.” But I’m here to to say, I think it’s better if we work together to prevent and ameliorate senseless burning.

Aquarius is one of the fixed signs, considered powerful forces by several varied sources. At their root, the fixed signs sustain and preserve. As Pluto transits Aquarius, the changes in modes of thinking, perception, and group organization that emerge has the potential to endure*.


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* Characterization of enduring modes of thought by Austin Coppock.


  1. PLUTO IN AQUARIUS WITH URANUS IN TAURUS. IT LOOKS LIKE AN INVASION FROM SPACE IN PARTICULAR FROM THE PLEIADES. URANUS IN TAURUS WILL REVIVE FASCISM BUT THE VERY NATURE ABOUT TO ARISE OF COMMUNITY POWER WILL MAKE A NATURAL TIME FOR THE PLEIADIANS TO RAISE THEIR RATHER CHARTIST FLAG OF SELF DISCIPLINE AND COMMUNAL GOODWILL. Now this might not be the only stream of events but somebody ought to tell you that Taurus and Aquarius are conflicting signs and being fixed signs it is going to be very serous. I do know the Pleiadians are connected with the inverse gravity clique around Searl and their ships have been reverse engineered on the Earth. Anybody very self disciplined might find this a lot of fun.

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