Alana Dee Haynes.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 22 degrees 28 minutes
February 10, 2017, 7:32 pm EST

Lunar eclipses stimulate the emotional body. This month’s lunar eclipse is both magnified in effect, and broadly fiery in quality.

While a solar eclipse creates outer events, lunar eclipses cast light on inner states of being, which can then lead to series of outer effects.

During this penumbral lunar eclipse, the shadow of the earth illuminated by the Sun casts itself on part of the Moon, temporarily disrupting the steady stream of its light coming toward earth. Earth continues to move through the eclipse path and the full light is restored. Symbolically, that liminal space in the discontinuity of light is an unusual window where time and space seem to be suspended and events transpire that are beyond those considerations.

Like New Moons and Full Moons, eclipses are natural moments in time, meaning they are a part of nature’s cycles. However, eclipses are infrequent, and during eclipses the quality of energy is unusual. It is a time of heightened energy – so emotional experiences are heightened. It is a time of liminal energy – so there is a greater possibility of unique information to stream through the present fissure in consciousness. It is a time of increased energy – so it is important to have outlets to discharge the amplification of psychic and physical activity.

Leo eclipses can make sporting events more stimulating, and this is illustrated by the recent surprise Superbowl victory by the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons, after being down the whole game, in the first overtime in the Superbowl’s history.

Leo eclipses also have effects on the stock market, and note that Trump recently announced his intentions to de-regulate the long-regulated (post the 2008 financial crisis) big corporations on Wall Street, by dismantling the Dodd-Frank act, a legal tome of financial rules, so that his friends with very nice businesses can have an easier time of things.

Leo is a fiery, ostentatious sign brimming with personality and all about being affirming of life. With Jupiter, Saturn, and a 30,000 foot view involved in this Full Moon, it is a great time to take stock and celebrate your existence.

  • Acknowledge how far you have come.

  • Congratulate yourself on your successes.

  • Reminder: you’ve survived 100% of life thus far = big success.

  • Visualize something you could do that would make you ecstatically happy.

  • Inhabit the full sensual space of the visualization.

  • Give yourself the gift of making it manifest. Define your desire, create a goal, put a date on it, and go get it.

  • Celebrate yourself often by doing something nice for yourself.

  • Practice self compassion all the time.

Filling the spaces you inhabit with positive vibrations is a good use of the increased flux energy of eclipse times, especially as fire eclipses are volatile and can stimulate anger and fury. Find healthy outlets for these emotions if they arise.

This lunar eclipse features a reception between the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius in a sextile at the time of the eclipse.

If there are any ways in which you feel your self expression is stymied or suppressed, this is a great time to make an effort to do creative life-affirming activities that affirm your unique brilliance.

Alana Dee Haynes.

Bring light into the spaces you frequent, literal and metaphorical. Find the brightness and the bright side in all situations. Erect a physical reminder of a beacon of hope. Rebecca Solnit says hope entails responsibility while hopelessness conveniently offers escape from responsibility.

A Leo lunar eclipse is a great time for exploring romance, music, sexuality and erotica, body-positive exercise, taking exciting risks, smiling, dressing well, laughing, dancing, and doing all life affirming things. This is especially the case since the seeds of this eclipse are nestled within the wave swelling quickly toward the next eclipse in two weeks, which is more low to the ground than this one.

The ability to stand one’s own ground in the face of the roils of the group, is highlighted by this eclipse.

There is a message here about being an encouraging leader, being affirming of others and acknowledging them, believing the best in others and holding them to an elevated standard, and leading by example. This is about taking noble action based on moral commitment or commitment to an ideal or a standard. However there are cautions with that statement. The first is to ensure that personal thoughts, beliefs and convictions are ones that are in resonance with your own being — not fed by the culture or the swallowing momentum of the group. The second is to watch for the ego plays involved in doing the upstanding thing. The third is that Saturn trine Uranus this year demonstrates that sometimes the rules are suspended, challenged, reversed or distorted, and in that case a new response to shifting landscape is required.

Chiron’s involvement in the astrology of this year, present at this lunation through its initial activation of Saturn earlier in the year, is about finding the root of turmoil within the self. Chiron speaks to deep and meaningful self care through exploration of nuances in the emotional body. It’s presence is crystalized in our experience, and it reflects to us the gentle push to find emotional balance and honest-to-god emotional integration, and acting boldly from that place. The nature of the process is that it is developed through active engagement. Not all productivity or engagement is halted while this emotional balancing takes place.

Jupiter in Libra’s big presence at the time of the eclipse, having increased effect due to its geometric involvement and recent station, speaks to the benefits that come in harmonizing with others in a way that is polite, considerate, tactful and measured. The web of connection shared with others, and especially between physical human beings, becomes increasingly valuable in the coming days and months. Finding core values that are common between groups is a path to cooperation and growth.

Jupiter is strongly present at the time of this eclipse. It is common to associate Jupiter

Alana Dee Haynes.

with broad sweeping blessings, moral uprightness, luck and many other good things. And while Jupiter can certainly bring these effects, there is another side of this largest planet to consider. In myth, Jupiter is associated with Zeus, and if myth has anything to say about Jupiter’s qualities, then it is worth remembering that Zeus was kind of a tyrant in regalia. He really wanted absolute power. He really did not like it when people crossed him, challenged him, or defied his will. He chained other gods to rocks on mountains to have their livers eternally pecked out by eagles for that kind of thing, made them carry the whole Universe on their shoulders, and if he wanted someone’s wife he was not above changing himself into a swan or a bull to trick folks into doing the mating thing. So it is in light of this that we see African statesmen in the Republic of Congo and Gambia, for example, pulling the plug on the internet as people become galvanized during election times, or otherwise organize together politically. This is a practice already rampant in the form of internet filtering in China, and was used by Egypt’s leadership during the Tahrir Square uprising.

This North Node lunar eclipse brings in a powerful surge of new energy. Some new person, idea, action, experience, groups of people, enter into the life web. The eclipse’s fixity creates effects that have a long-lasting duration. The coming months feature several eclipses across the showy and political Leo-Aquarius axis. But in personal terms, this fiery year inspires optimism, brightness, and positive use of will power as life-giving qualities to grow in our lives as the Universe asks us all to step into the full embodiment and radiance of our individual power.

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