Drawing Down The Stars: A Transit Tracking Workshop



Drawing Down The Stars: A Transit Tracking Workshop


Join this interactive workshop for an in-depth exploration of observing and working with planetary cycles in your own life! In this workshop we will plot out strategies for working with the grain of the planetary energies coming into your life in the next 6 months. We will decipher the mechanics of planetary effects and dive deep into shaping positive futures in harmony with the planets.

Track and plan for the planets’ fingerprints in your life. With guidance you will learn how to observe what is unfolding in your life with the backdrop of the stars and planets.

This workshop is appropriate for practitioners at all levels, from beginner to advanced. A lot of hand-holding and guidance is built in — so limited spaces are available. The Drawing Down The Stars Kit includes materials that walk you through all terms and concepts.

In this workshop you will:

  • Map out the timing and quality of energetic experiences in your life

  • Become intimately familiar with how the planetary energies enter and unfold in your life

  • Plant seeds to hatch later, knowing what is coming

  • Get more deeply in tune with the tides of your own personal unfolding in the coming months

  • Learn about yourself through the activation of your personal planets

  • Bring greater mindfulness into your life

  • Become more deeply in tune with how you respond to the planetary vibrations

  • See the sky’s happenings mirrored in your own life and experience the awe of that first hand

  • Learn groundwork basics of astrology


This workshop includes a Drawing Down The Stars Kit for every participant:


Drawing Down The Stars Kit:

  • A listing of the transits happening in your chart for the next 6 months

  • Drawing Down The Stars Transit Tracking Journal

  • Materials introducing interpretation of the transits:

  • 48 page guidebook

  • Two 60-minute audios walking you through the guidebook

  • Tip sheets on all the material covered in the workshop and all you need to know to track and observe your transits for the next 6 months

  • Bonus Lunar Cycle Log


Enroll in this workshop and learn how to…

  • Make choices about how you want to use both challenging and pleasant vibrations coming in the future.

  • Observe your transits to learn more about yourself. For example, let’s say you are having a Jupiter transit to your Sun. One thing this influence could bring is to expand the potentials described by the Sun in your birth chart. With a planet like the Sun, the core soul expression in the chart, being able to observe this is a wonderful contribution to your self unfolding as you will be able to track what is growing in your life and make choices about how to enhance the areas you wish to expand. You will be taught to do this for all 7 classical planets in your chart.

  • Pursue a deeper path of self growth and self-acquaintance through this workshop. Learn more about yourself as the planets activate the potentials shown in your birth chart.

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Image: Julia Lillard