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Success is just living with balance, and savoring the most of what is effectively limited time on this planet before we all get snuffed out.

~Guy Spier in conversation with Adrienne Dorison.

Guy Spier, in cooperation with two friends, bid $650,000 in a fundraiser to have lunch with Warren Buffett. An event that proved life changing for him simply for the information shared by the billionaire investor, who is the richest man in the world or the second richest man in the world depending on which day you check.

This highlights the idea of mentorship, a major theme of the current Jupiter Saturn sqare,  in our environment now under its third and final exact alignment on May 26 at 13 degrees, 41  minutes of Virgo and Sagittarius. It is amplified by symbolic themes of Virgo and Sagittarius, which cover the realms of apprenticeship and discipleship, and the guru or master of a discipline or cohesive path, respectively.

Mentorship is a relationship in which someone who is seasoned and deepened by the experience of and wisdom that can only be gained through time, guides another who is beginning on their path and could benefit from the guidance, reflection, and direction from someone who has been there and mapped the routes, and discovered or developed best practices.

Whether or not this is a relationship where money is exchanged, the relationship is reciprocal. In the case there is not a financial exchange, the relationship is reciprocal in that in the giving is contained a dual gift – the act of giving itself is a gift for the giver, and the process of observing someone else’s journey of building, possibly to success.

This final Jupiter Saturn square is the last very energetic angle we will see between these two planets until they meet again in 2020. This momentous meeting of the two largest planets in our solar system is sometimes called the Great Conjunction. They take place every 18-20 years. The next one will be in the first degree of Aquarius (0 degrees Aquarius).

Hans Holbein. Detail from The Ambassadors.

Any time these two planets discourse geometrically, the atmosphere is charged with the social milieu of the time, with the exchange between generations and the passing on of lineage, and the palpable thrust of the blueprint of a society. As I am writing this, the Moon in Capricorn is separating from a conjunction to Pluto, and the idea of what goes into building a society and the success of a centuries old empire raises the motif of the dark underbelly that in the course of history has often been required to build and sustain them. The dark underbelly being greed, filth, rape, slavery, breaking laws and bending rules, unjust laws, desecration, backdoor loopholes, and other unpalatable truths that are made livable by sweeping them under the rug of forgetfulness of time.

This Jupiter Saturn square between Virgo and Sagittarius also raises the question of the process of maintaining a spiritual lineage through millenia, or birthing a whole new one into being. If it can be said that there are natural laws that regardless of the outer spiritual garb they put on, all flow through the same river that serves as an energetic course to which all human experiences must flow, then it can also be said that Pluto traveling through Capricorn is assisting humanity in cleaning up its act when it comes to its relationship with business, money, and the architecture of power that goes into developed (global north) and developing (global south) societies.

This is worth thinking and, as the Dalai Lama recently pointed out, doing about, especially because when Saturn enters Capricorn, the above named Pluto in Capricorn themes are going to become quite unavoidably real on a day to day impactful level.

Also, I say that Pluto is assisting because my belief is that we do have a free will role to play in the shaping and emergence of this energetic storyline.

Hans Holbein. Detail from The Ambassadors.

In any contemporary narrative that creates the existence of an overarching moral good (nodding to the modern New Age thinking movement, which is a trickle down, disseminated, softer blast of much more ancient wisdom), it becomes crucial to balance it by acknowledging there are dark forces that exist whether we choose to be aware of them or not. Acknowledging the existence of dark forces and their effects, like the distortion of grossly misunderstanding and manipulating material reality, or being overly enamored with the bling and the flash of life, or giving into the influence to be numbed by the allure of external sensory stimulation to the point that that and only that is what is satisfactory or real, is again another necessary first step in empowering ourselves to participate in creating the future by the right use of free will.

In a recent interview, Sufi mystic and lineage holder Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee said on this topic:

“…there are forces at work that do not want humanity to change, that take our lifeblood, that take the light of human beings, turning dreams into desires, turning hope into greed. And we have no understanding in our culture of the inner worlds.

We live in a strange culture because we say all that exists is the outer, physical world.   We’re the only culture that’s ever said that, and as a result we don’t have any understanding of the forces within creation.  As well as beneficial forces there are forces of darkness in the inner worlds—yet people say it’s all the fault of governments or the multinationals.  And yes, those big corporations exploit and pollute, ravage the Earth for their own greed, but behind and within them there are darker forces. Evil is a very big word. I just like to say there are forces of power and greed, and then even darker forces at play in our world today.”

Read the full interview here.

Bringing it back around to today’s final exact alignment of the Jupiter Saturn square – which has been active for about a week and will continue to be active for another week or so. And Neptune is within close enough orb of this square to make it a T-square, though in characteristic fashion it has been veiled in this article until this moment, visible through nods to inflated themes, mysticism, and spiritual leaders.

If you haven’t already or have not recently, challenge yourself to define your personal version of success in life. Do this over and apart from what you have historically thought this is. Your version of success might look different than what you have thought you wanted or what you have been told to want. Define it, and take it to the next level and challenge yourself to make it feel better to you. What would feel absolutely perfect? And do you have the essence of that in your life? And if you don’t, how can you start building it in? If you need help doing that, do you know someone you can ask, someone older and wiser, who can help you? I am also compelled to say how important it is to include the fabric of friends and family and other associates that create the nourishing networks in our lives and without which this life is a very lonely place and with and among which we are strengthened, made more pliable, and offered more joy and more meaning.

With love,

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