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Tell me everything.

~My multiple Gemini, including Venus in Gemini, friend.


Venus enters Gemini on May 24 and remains in the sign of the twins, and of contrast and multiplicity, and cerebral deftness, until June 17.  During this time love and pleasure become filtered through the lens of Gemini.

In Gemini, Venus’ expressions of sweetness, attraction and union are stimulated through variety of experience, cleverness, rationality, braininess, verbalization, and keen wit. Venus here expresses affection through telling about it, with words. Through the sign of Gemini the vibrations of Venus as demonstrated on earth quicken and become like a hummingbird, hovering quickly before a flower and extracting delicious nectar before dashing off to the next flower. Thus the rate of pleasure and the experiences that produce pleasure are those that are delightful, varied and quickly gotten.

Pleasure and love exist on the mental and vocal planes than in the denser and slower emotional levels while Venus is in this sign. Here, contrast is the vessel through which unification is created. Like Venus in the other air signs Libra and Aquarius, Venus in Gemini appreciates individualism. It is through each person being the fullness of themselves that Venus in Gemini can derive the sweetness of stimulation through variety.

As Venus changes signs from Taurus into Gemini, the planet is very close to the Sun, and said to be under its beams. This acts as an invisibility cloak to Venus, which prevents the rays of its individuated light to be seen with the naked eye from earth. Some sources observe that this quality, called combustion, weakens Venus significations while other sources note that this activity is indeed hidden, and while we may think there is something inherently weak about its inability to produce its significations in the outer world, this activity is actually akin to a period of hibernation and inner exploration, similar to the dark Moon cycle of the lunar cycle. It is a natural moment of contemplation that precedes outward action. The Sun is not up the whole day in most of the world, and the Moon is not Full all the time. Likewise the planets have their cycles and phases which are indicative of different things depending on what is being looked for.

  • Venus quickly fills in the opposition to Mars Retrograde recently vacated by the Sun. This aspect keeps the themes of the Mars Retrograde midpoint active, and could indicate

  • A confrontation between a desire and a need to act differently.

  • A series of connections that are stimulated as a response for a different course of action

  • Behind the scenes activity to change a standard operation that serves to unify disparate pieces or is for the best

  • Secret unions or trysts that may also be out in the open

  • Passing power from a decision maker to a negotiator

  • A physical desire expressed in varied or contrasting ways

  • An active search for something cohesive is first highlighted then fulfilled; part of a broader re-working

  • Love at a crossroads

  • Variety stimulated by a desire for something cohesive

While Venus is close to the Sun she will move the fastest that she does in her entire cycle, bringing a corresponding speed to the pace of inner and outer events on earth. Planets in Gemini are an appropriate time to remember that all things created in the outer world begin with a thought. Every piece of writing, every invention, every course of action, every parsed desire is preceded by a cerebral stirring. Thought has reality, and behaves as an often incredibly subtle creative force. Life’s architecture is determined by the quality of thoughts that are entertained. Venus in Gemini asks that the spigot to more thoughts be opened up. Since there are so many that come through, many worlds and possibilities appear, and the practice of active discrimination between thoughts influences the life that is created from them.

With love,

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