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Blessings of the Spring Equinox!

The Spring equinox is a time when the Sun moves from the final degree of the zodiac, a water sign, to the very first degree of the zodiac, a fire sign. It is a threshold moment, and unlike other threshold moments – there is no transition space. We go immediately from the depths of the most layered, complex, numinous waters to the bright vivacity, vitality and radiating life of fire.

The Sun enters Aries every year and ushers in spring. Life begins to blossom and bud at this time, and what was dormant begins to awaken – restored after a winter’s slumber. The winter time is an opportunity to journey deep within, to hibernate as the bear does, to stay in the darkness within the earth as the roots do, and to make wise use of the resources we have gathered before the winter arrived. It is a time to take stock. It is a time to acquaint ourselves with what is contained within, that is always guiding but that requires a different kind of sight to see.

What was seen within is asked to be expressed without with the arrival of the Sun in Aries.

Looking at the planetary configurations at the moment of the beginning of the equinox gives a sense of what is coming up in the new season.

For the following Spring season, the symbolic presence of winter will still be present – and yet it’s blessed by the presence of Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system.

Jupiter and Saturn are in a nearly perfect square in this chart. What this means is that the next three-6 months remain a dynamic time of foundation building.

Saturn is the planet of no shortcuts. In the sign of Sagittarius, it asks for truth, integrity, and respect for diversity. It also asks for an organized approach to the many streams of information, approaches, or possibilities that show up in any serious synthesizing endeavor.

Sagittarius is a sign of synthesis and Saturn here asks sternly that each action is checked against a guiding overarching belief system. The foundation of that system may be a commitment to honesty as a guiding principle, it may be a commitment to yeilding to a higher power as a guiding principle, it may be a commitment to self love above all as a guiding principle, it may be a commitment to stepping into your highest potential in this life as a guiding principle.

Jupiter’s aspect to this Saturn from Virgo offers a blessing. But that blessing comes only with a demonstration of commitment. Jupiter likes for things to be grand, big, exuberant, luxurious, generous. Jupiter says – what’s the furthest we can push this to make it as awesome as possible?

However, this alignment requires creating a channel or groove through which the blessing can flow. This alignment is about demonstration – meaning an outward display – in whatever form that takes in your life, according to your own values and priorities. When you show up with an intention to be better – Jupiter shows up for you as well.

Another emphasis of this chart is the two planets in the first house, Mars and Saturn. Mars is moving incredibly slowly, yet in the fastest section of the zodiac. In the next 28 days, Mars will only move forward 4 degrees. And Saturn is completely stopped in its position and will remain there until it stations to move retrograde at ______.

This says that it is a time of deeply reconsidering how action is taken in the world according to a higher philosophy, belief system, or set of guiding principles.

This also says it is time to dig in to an approach to expansion and thoroughly explore all its structures, facets, motivations, and implications.

This also says it is time to review the actions and circumstances that have come before and assess the results those produced and see if they were desirable. This is a recommendation to tweak systems, structures, and actions based on that assessment.

Jupiter brings a blessing to Virgo. It says Work is Love made visible. It says, where can you find a mentor to guide you to the place you want to go. Remember that you must ask to receive. It says what are you doing every day to demonstrate your commitment to the work you are embodying now. It says what is the condition of your mind and your nervous system and your health and how do your every day choices support the flourishing of these. It says cultivate a space of inner commitment and make an offering there every day. And that is when the blessing comes. Otherwise it will be so gentle as to pass you by.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Aries ushers in courage, bravado, strength, the life giving vitality of fire, the cleansing purification of fire. Mars rules this Sun and says, deepen into that space of strength, expand it inwardly, let that be most important, let that be the place from which you begin.

I am wishing you a Joyous equinox season! May the light of the Sun, the warmed earth, and the life giving vitality of Fire bless the path before you.

With love,


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