Johannes Hevelius, 1652 Eclipse
This week, from the Sunday March 13, to Sunday March 20th, Mercury is traveling at a much faster speed than its average.
When planets in the sky are in fast motion the experiences associated with them on earth also move quickly. On many days this week, Mercury is now moving at almost double its average speed.
Mercury is the planet of expression, processing information, communication, intellect, writing, thinking, perceiving the world, cognitive function, speaking, all forms of messages, meetings and meeting places, commerce, transportation.
Thus this week there is an accelerated pace of processing information, exchanging ideas, communicating, writing, and speaking.
Being in water sign Pisces, Mercury has a reflective and communicative sensitivity, a subtlety of perception, and an intuitive ability to infer what is felt and not spoken.
Traditional forms of astrology give Mercury in Pisces the designation “fall” and “detriment”, meaning there may be a certain difficulty, laboriousness, instability, or irregularity in Mercury ruled areas of life when Mercury is in this sign. Add this to Mercury’s speed, and Mercury ruled things may quickly unravel and/or come back together.
In a close-to-home situation – here in Washington DC the entire metro rail system is shut down for just over 24 hours. This is unprecedented in a town where every day hundreds of thousands if not millions of people use this rail system which connects DC to Maryland and Virginia. The rail system is apparently shut down for inspection due to a track fire that happened several days ago.
In the next 24 hours Mercury will join Chiron near the South Node. This configuration gives the ability to give language to — or know in some subtle way the story of release associated with this most recent eclipse in Pisces. This includes considering any feelings of enoughness or worthiness that are being released and what associated path of healing is being cultivated and defined.
Mercury will continue its fast pace through next week, entering Aries right before the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Libra.

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