The path up and the path down are one in the same.


The Moon is Full in Virgo on February 22, 2016 at 1:19 PM EST at 3 degrees Pisces-Virgo.  At this time there is a clear revelation. Previously obscured information is now visible and ready to be actualized into form to with full awareness of each piece of the process. As the Moon in her fullness reflects the constant light of the Sun from Virgo, the efforts to bring something invisible into form are highlighted.

It is now time to take a faithful approach to affirming the sensitivity and compassion that brings a true devotion.

Devotion as true as Chiron in Pisces is capable of brings with it the potential for exploitation. Hearts not as true as the Chiron in Pisces principle can easily, thoughtlessly, with great facility, run roughshod over such open tenderness.

tumblr_o2st957sal1rxgoj1o3_540Yet Chiron near the South Node suggests releasing any ancient emotion or inner visioning process that is not conducive to wholeness. Wholeness means full sensory awareness of all the shades of responses to life, moment-to-moment.

Chiron in this place is attuned to a subtlety that when accessed proffers a gift in skillfully directing the flow of energy. When denied— through sometimes valid unwillingness to contemplate on a finer level —the poison of the wound can instead be directed in myriad undesirable directions, including toward the self.

Every Full Moon is a time that is ripe to understand the polarity of the signs. All things contain their opposite in equal measure. In this case, it is now time to understand the value of a faithful approach to self improvement. It is also a time to affirm and take ownership of the skill, art, or craft that you have, and to make the highest use of it.

Jupiter in Virgo in this lunation encourages us to set down the self-sacrificial, critical, and perfectionistic approach, and instead see the value of precision, commitment to developing the craft as a process, with humble self-assessment, infusing all this into an actualized desire to offer a gift to the world.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo – Chiron conjunct South Node in Pisces opposition 

Saturn square this opposition suggests returning wisdom that is not healing into the pot to boil, and bringing into form knowledge and wisdom gleaned from practical experience whose purpose is healing above all. This is also about discerning the difference between truth, which is relative, and wisdom, which across cultures and traditions always seem to invoke several similar elements, one of which is compassion.

Saturn in Sagittarius also asks us to engage in the duty of committing to consistently tumblr_o2st957sal1rxgoj1o5_540expressing creativity outward, like the bass line of a song or the beat kept by a throng of drummers. Sagittarius Saturn requires that this outward expression be carefully considered in light of an overarching personal philosophy and with awareness of how words, emotions, and thoughts have a ripple effect of influence. The more creativity is outwardly expressed, the more it makes an imprint on matter. The most immediate influence is on your self, which then expands to touch all those in your circles, and then beyond them.

The now growing trine between Saturn and Uranus highlights innovation of established standard operational procedures. The layered symbolism of Chiron and Sagittarius and the South Node suggests whittling wisdom into a finely tuned instrument that is both holistically minded and highly effective, and attuned to eternal, immutable wisdom principles.

tumblr_o2st957sal1rxgoj1o4_500Slowing down the speed of innovation that emerges from the nothingness and takes form is what creates an inspirational new shift in perception that when acted upon creates a ripple effect across scenarios.

An abundance of idealism permeates this lunation. Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces all tend toward this quality. Virgo grants the humility that comes from identification with the work itself to the point of extreme competency. Sagittarius demonstrates that experiences filtered through the scope of a big picture view, becomes wisdom. Aquarius offers the unabashed and intractable truth of a better way of being, that is stubbornly adhered to. And Pisces knows that there is so much more going on than the human categories we could hope to express with human forms, so best to go about life gently, with compassion, and with great faith.

Wishing you a healing and kickass Full Moon
With love,

Images: Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre. Poem of the Sea. Song, Afternoon, High Tide, Dawn. PD. 

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